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Campaign Shelved.

Slipshod Paradise is being shelved indefinitely. Maybe when people are more interested / engaged / less busy we’ll come back to it, probably flash-forwarded to some point in the game world’s future.

Random Announcements

I’m working at rebooting the game, as most of you know. For those who aren’t aware, Johnny Moss and Spaz will not be part of the reboot. However, I expect we will be joined by Sanura’s boyfriend.

Attitude has hit the streets in print as well as PDF now. I’ve read over chunks of it. The fluff stuff is pretty decent, fairly interesting. However, I will not be using most of the rules and gear offered up in this book. The only “rules” information to take from the book is the Steampunk gear, expanded rules for the Fashion spell, Body Fashion Costs and Average Clothing Price From Corporate Lines tables.

War! has just come out, I’ve got my PDF of it, and most of you should soon have access to a copy one way or another. Tim, enjoy the crazy mil-spec stuff, but pay attention to the availability and the cost.

In Game Starting Date is as follows: 07/24/2072.

Slipshod Paradise

Norfolk, 2072, the sprawl of Hampton Roads is the commercial, industrial, and cultural heart of the C.A.S. Buried in the Portsmouth district is a dive called Slipshod Paradise. The people here don’t ask a lot of questions, the synthahol flows cheaply and private rooms can always play host to Mr. Johnson.

Please check the Character Advancement rules before building your character.

Home Page

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