Southern Cross Security

Southern Cross Security

A wholly owned subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp, Southern Cross Security (SCS) is a major police and security provider for the C.A.S. SCS is known for prompt service and loyalty to their employer, even to the point where they have turned back Saeder-Krupp’s own personnel.

Like the C.A.S. Rangers, SCS cultivates a revamped air of the southern gentleman peace officer depicted in Trid westerns. However, they are also trained combat specialists with the ability to call upon Rapid Response Teams (RRT) armed with military grade equipment, including assault vehicles and Wasps as necessary.

The Straight Shit

These guys take their job seriously, and have the firepower to support that will. Treat them with respect, you get respect back. Break the law on their turf, and they’ll make you regret it. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a prison cell to cry in.

H2. Areas of Operation

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Southern Cross Security

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