Historic Ghent

Ghent offers a quiet district of magic and entertainment in the heart of old Norfolk. Established in 1814, Ghent has survived man made and natural disaster to become the home of Norfolk’s magical district. Fine dining and cultural experiences, from indi-Trid theatres like the Nero, to live performances supplemented by our home-grown magicians, Ghent has something for every family.

The Straight Shit

While Ghent maintains a posh exterior and backs its expensive security force with the magic of the Ghent Homeowners’s Association (GHA), it also offers up discreet magical services and goods to anyone with the cred to buy. Norfolk’s laws on the use and licensing of magic bear little weight in Ghent, since they maintain a separate contract with Southern Cross, who keep the Sprawl’s Lone Star officers at a distance.

More than half the business in Ghent occurs under the table, while the wage slaves are busy taking in the latest magically-enhanced street theater.

Neighborhood Security

The GHA, along with the business owners in Ghent, have contracted Southern Cross Security, a subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp to provide 24/7 patrols and live security personnel. Since the GHA has chosen to provide their own security, the Norfolk District’s contract with Lone Star only extends to taking custody of suspected criminals apprehended by Southern Cross.

Ghent Locations

Kelly’s Tavern

Located across the street from the Naro, Kelly’s Tavern continues to keep running in the dilapidated mid-20th century building it started in, Kelly’s features an array of greasy foods and plenty to drink. A favorite of locals, outsiders tend to shun Kelly’s once their attempt at a franchise crumbled during the Corp Wars.

Rumor has it, if you know the right people, there’s a few poker tables upstairs where you just might rub shoulders with some of the more prominent Ghent officials.

Neighborhood Lifestyles

As the home of many of the mages (legal and illegal) in the Norfolk Sprawl, Ghent has remained a fairly expensive place to live, but also a safe one. After all, it’s not every day you try to knock over a talismonger whose store is below the apartments of three wands-for-hire and an eco-terrorist shaman.

Items in italics represent a norm, not a mandatory range. Recommended qualities are just that, recommended, not required. Please review the House Rules for additional clarification.

  • Basic Lifestyle: Middle – High
    • Comforts: Middle – High
    • Entertainment: High – Luxury
    • Necessities: Middle – High
    • Neighborhood: Middle
    • Security: Middle – Luxury
    • Recommended Positive Lifestyle Qualities:
      • Concerned Neighbors
      • Privacy Screen +2
      • Quiet Neighborhood
      • Well Made
    • Recommended Negative Lifestyle Qualities:
      • Living by Committee

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