The Cradock Neighborhood

Cradock is a quaint, but often overlooked, part of Portsmouth, once a quiet middle-class neighborhood, after a terrible fire wrecked the neighborhood, several corporations moved into the area, rebuilding and revitalizing the local community. A few blocks of historical 20th century houses still stand in the Northeast corner of the community.

The Straight Shit

After many of the original cottage style homes were destroyed in the fire of 2033, Saeder-Krupp bought much of the area and built a series of high density apartment complexes, culminating in 2047 with the construction of the Lofwyr Arcology. These apartments and the arcology provided housing for many of Saeder-Krupp’s employees and scientists, with the arcology providing ample lab space. To power the laboratories, arcology and housing, Saeder-Krupp constructed a pair of fission generator centers. However, with the bad publicity arcologies received after the Seattle incident in 2059, Saeder-Krupp began reducing their presence in the neighborhood, finally culminating in closing down the Lofwyr Arcology in 2062.

Though Saeder-Krupp occassionally sends security teams to check in on the arcology, it has been largely abandoned. Rumor holds that the upper floors and basement levels contain secret research projects which Saeder-Krupp monitors remotely, or, so some tell it, roam loose through the halls.

Neighborhood Security

Though Saeder-Krupp maintains ownership of most of the apartments, the company rents the units to non-corporate residents. As such, they are not considered “extraterritorial” properties of Saeder-Krupp, and tenants must rely on Portsmouth’s security contractors, or hire their own. However, for human humans, the Knights of Humanity, many of whom live in the remaining houses of Cradock, provide a certain amount of security, provided they don’t think you’re a “meta-lover” or have the wrong shade of skin color.

Neighborhood Lifestyles

Items in italics represent a norm, not a mandatory range. Recommended qualities are just that, recommended, not required. Please review the House Rules for additional clarification.

  • Basic Lifestyle: Squatter – Low
    • Comforts: Street – Low
    • Entertainment: Street – Low
    • Necessities: Street – Middle
    • Neighborhood: Squatter – Low
    • Security: Squatter – Low
    • Positive Neighborhood Qualities:
      • Commercial Zone
      • Easy-going Landlord
      • Security Conscious
    • Negative Neighborhood Qualities:
      • Haunted
      • Lax Security
      • Pest Magnet
      • Rough Neighborhood
      • Worse Neighbors

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