Ares Macrotechnology


AAA Megacorp

“Ares is sitting pretty after swallowing up a big chunk of former AAA Cross Applied Technologies following the Crash. Run by wealthy playboy Damien Knight, the corp has a reputation as a very ‘American’ outfit: gung-ho, militaristic, patriotic, and individualistic – Mom and apple pie, in other words. Don’t let that fool you – sure, they’re tone of the better megas to work shadow ops for, but keep your eyes open, because they can be as underhanded as the rest.

“Ares specializes in law enforcement (Knight Errant, one of the two biggest private security corps in the world, is a subsidiary), military hardware and arms, aerospace (they own what used to be NASA and have five orbital habitats), entertainment, automotive (the former General Motors is also part of the Ares family), and smaller divisions in many other areas."
p>. -SR4A, page 46

C.A.S. Operations

Due to their strong ties and allegiance to the UCAS, Ares has a significantly reduced presence in the CAS, a situation the corporation has always been eager to rectify. However, the C.A.S. has consistently preferred to keep what they see as a front for UCAS intervention at arms length, long trying to deny extraterritoriality to this AAA rated megacorp.

Nonetheless, Ares has a meaningful presence in many states, including several installations in Hampton Roads. Notably, the old NASA Langley facility remains their regional headquarters and a major employer in the Norfolk Sprawl.

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