Slipshod Paradise

Cleaning the Streets, Pt 1

Sanura Goes to College

The Job

March’s physician, Dr. House, learned of an organ-legging operation in his little part of the Norfolk District when a dissected young woman was brought to his home. After scraping together 10,000 nY, Dr. House asked for March to bring his friends around to discuss the task of eliminating this threat to the safety of his neighborhood.

Working the Shadows

Attempting to learn more of what they face, Sanura and March dig into the ‘trix. Pulling data from the NSU campus security bullitens, Sanura learns about the recent wave of violent crime on campus, notably a rash of night-time abductions and assaults. March’s ferret, in turn, reluctantly hands over data from SCS on several mutilated corpses found in the heart of the industrial portion of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Kiku puts in a word with her “uncle”, Hiroshi Akimoto, letting him know she’s trying to dig up information on organleggers near NSU.

With little else to go on, Sanura makes a similar call to her friend Malphas, hoping he can learn something through his ties to Norfolk’s seedy underbelly. Though both Akimoto and Malphas express reluctance to help in a matter that involves such disreputable people as organleggers, Akimoto is able to arrange a meeting between Kiku and a Channel 10 reporter while Malphas sets up a meet-and-greet with one of their foes’ competitors.

Introducing the Real Slim Shady

During this time, the team had been staking out a Stuffer Shack near campus, enjoying the soy-burgers and some soy-caf. Shortly before Malphas calls Sanura back with the meeting specifics, Kiku notices a drone loitering in the area with markings for the Detroit division of Knight Errant. Donavan, once the drone is pointed out, brings the group’s attention to the addition of a light machine gun to the drone’s normal armament. When it comes time for Sanura to meet up with her contact’s “alternatively employed” source, the group decides to leave Kiku and March to investigate the drone further. After setting off every alarm the drone has, March is able to get inside with his angry otter and take control of the thing, only to learn that its rigger, “Slim Shady”, has been alerted to his presence. March quickly crashed the drone-pilot and fled, though Slim Shady proved quick enough in re-launching the drone to keep the drone from literally crashing. Fortunately, before bailing, March was able to download the flight log for the drone.

Meeting the Alternatively Employed

Meanwhile, across town, Sanura, Johnny Moss, and Donavan wait to meet Malphas’ contact on the sixth floor, in the anatomy section. Also up there is the biology, botany, and 20th Century city documents. Sanura checks the exits, two staircases, elevators in the back and large windows, for true emergencies. Donavan takes the time to stake out the place while hiding his intentions behind an upside down copy of See Spot Run, once he discovers the library has redacted all information on war, firearms, and self-defense. Meanwhile, Johnny Moss takes a glance at the astral, and spots a fire spirit hanging out nearby, watching Sanura.

After Malphas’ contact arrives, it takes a while for Sanura to realize that she is dealing with a vampire. None-the-less, he provides information on the numbers and disposition of the organleggers for whom the team is searching, including the name of their leader, Big Mike. In exchange, the contact requires the team obliterate Big Mike’s operation and, perhaps, provide their fresh corpses to him.

After hedging their words as much as possible, Sanura, Donavan and Johnny Moss regroup with Kiku and March to plan their next move.

Meeting the Real Slim Shady

Some research later, the group locates a porn and 20th century rappers where Slim Shady visits, the Sex Toy House. There, they locate a large, black, custom-rigged van with flames painted on the sides. Within, they find “Slim Shady”, browsing the Eminem knock-offs. Taking one for the team, Kiku ends up engaging in light banter with Shady and eventually is asked out on a date. Their flirting is interrupted by a call which gets Shady flying out of the store.

Lighting Them Up

That night, tracking Slim Shady, March discovers that Slim has parked his van outside an NSU dorm and that the drone is flying nearby. The team decides to try and smoke out the leggers by using Sanura as bait, with Kiku and Johnny Moss providing local support, March hacking their foes computers and Donavan offering up sniper fire from the roof. After a short battle which leaves the drone destroyed, one legger dead and the other captured along with Slim Shady, the team takes to ground at an old hideout that belonged to Kiku’s father.

While learning little from Slim Shady, Kiku realizes that her father’s hideout has been remodelled, restocked and redeorated by none other than her nemesis, Hayato Yamamoto. Explosives are set and the place abandoned for an old BTL-dive March is familiar with.

It is there that the runners realize that Johnny, Kiku, and Sanura are heading up the late-night news as footage of their shootout at NSU is played across the ‘trix. Kiku’s uncle,Hiroshi Akimoto, is already playing damage control with the DA and other local authorities while Talbot begs Sanura to meet up with him.

Donavan takes Sanura to meet Talbot at the Stuffer Shack where they had left March and Sanura’s rides. Talbot greets her with a Horizon Crisis Response Team and Horizon paramedics, who immediately pull Sanura into their ambulance while Donavan takes March’s motorcycle back to their hideout.

Sometime after the runners resume their interrogation of Slim Shady, March’s sprite Cookie reports that her comm-link has stopped moving at Gethsemene Clinic, one of the places frequented by Slim’s drone.

Sanura wakes briefly from the drugs administered earlier to the sight of Big Mike smiling down at her restrained form. Nearby, Talbot is yelling threats impotently at Big Mike, who merely promises that he’ll learn all he needs to from them.

Subplots Advanced

A Matter of Honor – Keiko burns down a former holding of her father’s after discovering what it has been turned into.


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