Slipshod Paradise

Drone Tipping

Why, hello Z-5!


Cira, with the assistance of Black Tony, recruit the party to take on a mission for a troll fixer named Jeremiah.

Jeremiah introduced them to a pale dwarf in an off-the-rack, mid-quality suit. The Johnson. The Johnson hired the party to steal two packages from an Iron Triangle shipment due out that night. Prodding

A bit of research and hacking provided the runners with the route this package would take, as well as the general manning of the truck & route. Due to the low presence of guards, the team decided to knockout one of the way-points and ambush the drivers when they arrived.

At a local Stuffer Shack, March hacked into the way-point, gathering intel through his far more useful ferret. While March was discovering the status of the truck & how dangerous the package is, Moss used his magic and a little misdirection to slip drugs into the drinks of the technicians, one of whom had stopped by the joint to get some snacks.

Hilarity ensued with the technician crashing into a light-pole, a prostitute drinking a soda and the other tech providing a shot of epinephrin. Once the tech and whore were unconscious, The party took control of the way-point.

Ambushing the drivers proved a little more complicated as Donavan and March fumbled with the internal controls. Kiku’s attempts to help distract the guards led to guns being pointed at various runners’ heads and eventually the two-shot death of both guards. Unfortunately, in the process, Kiku activated the emergency normalization of the air in the maintenance room, leading to the near-activation of the rather deadly “Prototype A”. March’s quick thinking led to the securing of the prototype, followed by the rather panicked escape of the team from the way-point. Through a combination of hacking and magical misdirection, the team managed to throw Iron Triangle’s response off their trail and make good their escape.

Though Sky-net consistently interfered, the team was able to establish that one of the two packages was a human brain suspended in a control rig / comm-link combination which allowed it to be used as a “human” pilot program. The drone itself proved to be fairly advanced technology, but it’s rather advanced pilot program was the true genius behind the thing, approximating human thought patterns without crossing the line into the realm of an independent AI.

Ultimately, the team sold the drone body & the truck to Jeremiah for a cool 15k.

Run Haul

  • 15k ¥ for completing the mission
  • 15k ¥ from selling the drone & truck
  • 1 Remington Roomsweeper
    • 8 rounds, standard ammo
  • 1 Remington 990 shotgun
    • 8 rounds, flechette
  • 1 Prototype DroneBrain TM
    • Pilot 7, Response 6, Sensor 5, Signal 4, Firewall 2
    • Autosofts: Clearsight 5, Targeting (Firearms) 5, Defense 5, Targeting (Unarmed) 6

Karma / Reputaiton

Runner Karma Street Cred Notoriety Public Awareness
Donavan +9 +0 +0 +0
Kiku +8 +0 +0 +0
March + 10 +1 +0 +0
Sanura +8 +0 +0 +0
Moss +9 +0 +0 +0


No Changes.


FR Owed By Owed To
1 Moss Detective Gordon Patrick
1 Kiku Hiroshi Akimoto
2 March Dr. House


NOTE: I will expand and flavor up this post as I get a better memory of what happened. Others are also free to embellish / add their thoughts.
Don’t spend all that shiny cash in one place. . . remember, you might get screwed by the next Johnson.

Drone Tipping
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