Western Branch

Western Branch

Portsmouth’s own center of tourism only minutes from Historic Portsmouth, the nTelos Wireless Pavilion, and a short drive to Downtown Norfolk, Western Branch offers affordable river-side hotels complete with manicured beaches. For locals, Western Branch features suburban living and numerous business opportunities.

The Straight Shit

Once a part of Chesapeake, Western Branch was ceded to Portsmouth following the Nansemond uprising. Due to the low levels of pollution in the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River, Portsmouth monetary incentives and tax breaks into building a series of beaches, hotels, and resorts in the area. Though not as popular as Oceanview in Norfolk, or Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront, the low prices attracted many vacationing wage-slaves. While a few office buildings sprang up, particularly along Oak Drive, the rest of the neighborhood retained its sleepy sub-urban feel.

Neighborhood Security

Portsmouth’s Southern Cross Security provides police services throughout the neighborhood, though several office buildings and hotels have their own independent security contracts. Given the relaxed nature of the neighborhood, routine patrols are light, mostly security drones scanning for abnormal behavior and criminal SINs.

Neighborhood Lifestyles


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Western Branch

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