The Commonwealth of Virginia thrives on two things: the industrial and technology business in Hampton Roads and the only major rail lines and highways connecting the CAS to Federal City in the UCAS.

The Commonwealth has resisted numerous overtures by megacorps to take over many administrative, security, and judicial functions. Their success at this is often attributed to the national importance placed on the I-95 corridor and the secretive nature of the Naval shipbuilding and military intelligence activities based out of Hampton Roads.

Policing at the Commonwealth level is handled by the Commonwealth Troopers, part national guard, part state police, the Commonwealth Troopers address law-enforcement concerns for counties, riot control, security on Commonwealth properties, traffic control, and hostage negotiation at all levels of jurisdiction. Their Crisis Response Units are trained with the CAS Marine Corps to handle insurrection, counter professional armies and covert operations.

The Commonwealth is made up of ninety-five counties and 33 independent cities.

Hampton Roads

The industrial and technological capital of Virginia, Hampton Roads is also the military capital of the east coast, regardless of country.

Fauquier County

Back in the days of the USA, Fauquier County was one of the fastest growing communities in Virginia, due in large part to its perception as a rural place to live within commuting range of Washington, D.C. With the collapse of the Union and tensions along the border, Fauquier quickly returned to its rural nature. Much of the development of the 1990’s – 2020’s was demolished and returned to farm land or even wilderness.

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