Bordered by the CAS Coast Guard base to the north, the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River to the east and south, and Churchland to the west, Tuscany is a heavily engineered slice of central Italy dropped into Portsmouth. In the 1990’s, wealthy Italian ex-pats looking for a place to settle down happened across the lightly developed Western Branch in Portsmouth. The resulting colony quickly became a cultural beacon for Italians throughout Europe and the Americas.

During the Italian diaspora of the 2030’s, the population surged as the area which adopted the name Tuscany seemed one of the few stable points of Italian culture. This influx of residents and the wealth of numerous Italian corporate execs and “alternative business-men” allowed Tuscany to receive some of the first, and most extensive, treatments of Terra-crete, a strange compound which mixed concrete with advanced technology and a bit of magic to penetrate the soil of Hampton Roads and establish a firm bedrock. The use of Terra-crete, especially as heavily as it was used in Tuscany led to the formation of cavern complexes in the new bedrock. The Italian families used the terra-crete experiments to shape and sculpt the coastline and even the interior to more aptly resemble Italy, with new canals simultaneously separating and linking the various communities within Tuscany.

The Straight Shit

While outsiders are presented a united “Little Italy” front, Tuscany is truly divided within itself. Poor live near rich, corporate executives watch mafiosa hit-men cavort across a canal. The three most potent factions are the Rossi family, which has carved out an area in the southeast, the Togliattis, strung along a few neighborhoods just south of the Coast Guard base, and the corporate elites of Finmeccanica SpA, Americas, in the southwest.

These three groups have come to an accord of armed peace similar to that of the megacorps. When they think they can get away with it, they all use runners to strike against their competitors where they see weakness, hoping to be able to move into a few blocks during the confusion.

Neighborhood Security

Each of the major factions maintain their own security, though Finmeccina SpA relies on bribing the Portsmouth branch of SCS to provide extra attention in their neighborhood.

Tuscany Locations

Neighborhood Lifestyles

Though culturally Italian, Tuscany runs the gamut of lifestyles, from the barrens in the caves below the streets to the mansions of the Finmeccina SpA executives. Almost any kind of home can be found if you spend enough time exploring the neighborhood.

Items in italics represent a norm, not a mandatory range. Recommended qualities are just that, recommended, not required. Please review the House Rules for additional clarification.

  • Basic Lifestyle: Street – Luxury
    • Comforts: Street – Luxury
    • Entertainment: Street – Luxury
    • Necessities: Street – High
    • Neighborhood: Z-zone – High
    • Security: Street – Luxury

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