These are plots not directly related to an individual run but may come up from time to time, either as an additional objective, specific runs (often motive driven rather than Johnson driven), etc. This serves much as the CRPG “Journal” to track the various subquests you are working on and their latest plot elements. When plots become complex enough they should probably warrant their own wiki pages, immature plots may simply be summarized here.

Ongoing Plots

Strange Bedfellows

After A Lady’s Revenge JC Louis found that one of the team’s targets, Rock Salt, was going to be parted out. His sense of humanity offended, he arranged to have Rock Salt released. Ever a Shadowrunner looking for angles, however, he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a hidden ally in his pocket. Creating a new pseudonym, the AI “Potomac”, JC proceeds to break Rock Salt out and serve as his new, hidden, advisor and compatriot; his identity unknown to Rock Salt and nearly unknown to the party.

Target: JC

JC Louis’s escape has not gone unnoticed. He knows it is only a matter of time before they seek him out. Only time will tell when, and how. But hopefully; if all goes well, it will also reveal the who and why.

Target: March

March is wanted by both Evo and Zombie Technologies due to experimental research performed upon him. This information is currently known to Jeremiah and Johnny Moss. While March was helping JC break-out fellow shadowrunner Rock Salt he stumbled upon data in a CrashCart database revealing he was still actively being hunted by Evo and they had narrowed his location to South Side Hampton Roads.

You’re not welcome here

Following Marcello‘s arrest, Donavan’s allies, Shadow and Scott Anderson, convinced by Vincent that Donavan had betrayed Marcello abruptly broke off all ties with the Ork runner. More recently Shadow has gotten back in touch, learning of his Cyborg Brain, not believing his claims of innocence regarding his motivations or actions.

More recently, while freeing Rock Salt, JC and March were diverted to perform surgery on Shadow’s cyberware wherein they discovered a data filter and data lock, along with a cranial bomb. They removed the bomb and installed the ability to remotely disable the other implants while keeping the CrashCart staff none-the-wiser. They also discovered her normal physician, Gort, who was a suspicious character that appeared to JC’s analysis more likely Drone than Man. They have yet to discuss this finding with Donavan.

Vincent and Donavan, Sitting in a Tree S-H-O-O-T-I-N-G

During a previous run, Vincent and Donavan had a bad pairing that resulted in a very public (for a Shadowrunner) showing up of Vincent and a large bruised ego. Feeling snubbed, Vincent has since taken every opportunity to ruin Donavan’s reputation and interfere with his work.

More recently, Vincent has shown up trying to flush Donavan out of his house, which Donavan was able to overcome without much challenge. Otherwise, the primary problem for Donavan has been getting his friends back on his side.

To summarize, Donavan and Vincent don’t get along very well

A Matter of Honor

Hayato was a rival for succession to the Ichigawa-gumi for Keiko. When Keiko was made heir apparent as the daughter of the current Oyabun, Takahiro, Hayato was enraged. Subsequently, Hayato murdered Takahiro as a way to force himself into leadership, and put out a similar price on Keiko. Keiko has escaped, but remains hunted by the majority of the Ichigawa-gumi (now Yamamoto-gumi) loyal to Hayato.
More recently Kiku attempted to use one of her father’s old safe houses to lay low after a fire fight. Discovering Hayato had converted the facility into a personal palace she was enraged and burned the facility to the ground.

Ergo, Keiko and Hayato Yamamoto don’t get along very well either

Brother Where Art Thou

Yuri’s brother is missing

Hunting for Cliff Martin

He’s a bastard

Occupy Gondor!

While attempting to free Rock Salt, JC recruited a second set of Shadowrunners while he posed as his new identity: Potomac. The group needed to distract a number of Ork guards, and in a rash of inspiration created a movement to “Occupy Gondor”, calling upon oppressed Orks and Trolls to rise up against the businesses and governments which were oppressing them. Taking place in the sewer, an expendable jammer and music were provided to make sure that the guards were appropriately distracted from any happenings at the medical facility.

While the party was dealing with the actual run and securing Rock Salt, Donavan was drawn to the protest and in fact encouraged the group to march on City Hall. The movement blossomed into a full scale riot, forcing out city hall and truly occupying the area. Later, in need of government records while researching a new job, Donavan infiltrated City Hall while posing as the movement’s leader. This eventually resulted in a botched special ops job trying to take back city hall after no small amount of rocket fire. The movement, started as a distraction, continues to grow beyond the wildest expectations of its unwitting initiators.

What have we wrought?

Completed Plots


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