Most AAA MegaCorps maintain a presence in the Norfolk Sprawl, but the following companies, including some B-list players, are the most dominant today.

Ares Macrotechnology

AAA MegaCorp


AAA MegaCorp


AAA MegaCorp

Horizon specializes in media matters; however, in Hampton Roads, they also compete with Wuxing and Shiawase in medical research and services.

Hampton Roads operations are under the authority of Horizon Americas, Bio-Fine, and Pathfinder Multimedia. The division Vice President for Virginia Operations at Horizon Americas, Sara Ibsen, maintains her office in Richmond and is the ultimate authority for Horizon affairs in the state.

Iron Triangle

AA Corp

Iron Triangle is a home-grown defense company which works with heavy firepower: ships and tanks being their specialty. After acquiring the Newport News Shipyard in the early 2020’s, Iron Triangle branched out into commercial heavy industrial equipment.


AAA MegaCorp


AAA MegaCorp

Zombie Technologies

CBB B Rated Corp

Zombie Technologies (Z-Tech to most runners) specializes in cyberware and VR technologies. Usually, Z-Tech will develop the fundamental, underlying technologies while leaving the branding and final packaging to another Corp. Afterall, who wants to have “Zombie Brand” Sim modules installed? Their leading customer remains the C.A.S. Armed Forces.

Political Groups / Entities

Norfolk Sprawl Government

Military Readiness Liaison Office (MRLO)

The Military Readiness Liaison Office (MRLO for short) coordinates activities at the various C.A.S. military installations in the Norfolk Sprawl and interfaces with the local civilian governments and extraterritorial entities. MRLO has the authority to rescind corporate extraterritoriality in the event of an emergency or serious infraction by the corporation which threatens the C.A.S. military. Additionally, the MRLO has a voting representative on the Norfolk Sprawl Board of Supervisors who helps ensure that city development does not interfere with military activities.

Activist Groups

Free Terra

Humanis Policlub

Knights of Humanity

The Knights of Humanity represent an interesting racist mixture, accepting of the dwarven and elven metatypes, but bent hard over a barrel regarding orks and trolls. Their acceptance of dwarfs and elves puts them at odds with fellow racist organizations like the Humanis Policlub. Surprisingly, there has been little shortage of members from all three “acceptable” races amongst the Knights of Humanity, due in part to the cloak of honor and patriotism they wrap about themselves. The Knights of Humanity have occasionally urged registering all orks and trolls with SINs and recouping the cost with mandatory work in factories and in low-skilled labor jobs in government. Most members stop short of calling for a return of chattel slavery, though that doesn’t mean no one has suggested it.

Mothers of Metahumanity


White Knights

Operating out of the Cradock neighborhood of Portmouth, the White Knights take racist sentiment old school. Not only do they hate metahumans, but the classic arguments against blacks, Asians, and Hebrews all make an appearance in their rambling manifesto. Part of the original seperatist movement that tore the C.A.S. from the United Canadian and American States, the White Knights have subsequently been dishonorably discharged from the C.A.S. military as a unit and shunned even by more tolerant racist groups like the Humanis Policlub and Knights of Humanity.

The Jack Wagons

This street gang is highly factionalized and de-centralized. However, this has mostly served to make it difficult for prosecutors to bring down the whole organization. From within, a Campostella Jack Wagon will find food, comfort, and shelter with the Hilltop Jack Wagons and a Jack Wagon from Western Branch will answer a call to arms from the Tuscany club.

Organized Crime

Mafia Families

Rossi Family

One of the major players in Hampton Roads, the Rossi family represents more than half the “traditional” Cosa Nostra. Numerous attempts to overcome their rivals in the Togliatti Family have yet to bear any fruit, but enterprising members such as Black Tony are always looking for an advantage in their cold war.

Vory V Zakone

Crystal Bratva

A notable family focused primarily on “crimes of sin”, the Crystal Bratva operates primarily on the peninsula. The brotherhood offers gambling, women, and drugs for anyone with the cred to pay.



Newly rebuilt, this yakuza family is on the up-and-up. Specializing in narcotics trade on the Southside, the Yamamoto-gumi are likely to tangle with not only the local law enforcement, but many of the go-gangs in Portsmouth who consider the drug trade their own business.

Ethnic Syndicates

O’Malley Crew

Magical Societies

Ghent Homeowner’s Association

Membership in the GHA is open to anyone living or working in Ghent, however, to make it anywhere in the organization, one must be an Awakened, as well. The inner circle and management of the GHA is a recognized cabal, complete with the rights and responsibilities of such recognition in the CAS.

Illuminates of the New Dawn

The Illuminates (Street Magic, pg. 72) maintain an outer circle in Hampton Roads, which reports to the inner circle in Richmond. Currently, this chapter is led by Devyn Cordell Kennith Beauregard III, mage, scholar, aristocrat, and high-finance guru with Wuxing.

The Fraternal Order of Magic

Though it tends to maintain a low profile outside of magical communities, the Fraternal Order has been spreading its influence and growing its membership.

Shadow Runners

Bionic Army

When first encountered, the Bionic Army featured three members, a troll mercenary, an ork adept, and an elven mage. While the troll has subsequently severed public ties with the Bionic Army, the status of its other two members is unknown.

The Dark Angels

A runner team taking their names from the hierarchy of angels, the Dark Horses have a reputation for being professionals. Little else is known of them at this time.


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