Located just south of the Naval Station Norfolk and east of the Marine Terminal, Lockhaven has developed a seedy reputation due to the prevalence of sailors and navymen in the area.

The Straight Shit

Lockhaven is run by no fewer than four gangs, the OMalley Crew view it as a natural extension of their control on petty vice in Norfolk, however, various factions of the Triads, along with the Yamamoto-gumi and the Rossi Family have built up reasonable stakes in the area. Gang violence is the leading cause of death, and security from Norfolk’s contract with SCS is almost non-existant.

Neighborhood Security

With multiple crime families actively fighting over the neighborhood, SCS provides only the minimum presence required by their contract with the District. This means that, if you’re lucky, a patrol-drone will happen to be in the district when you get mugged. Of course, it’ll only report the incident & provide footage for trial to the SCS precinct across the Lafayette River in Larchmont.

Lockhaven Locations


Items in italics represent a norm, not a mandatory range. Recommended qualities are just that, recommended, not required. Please review the House Rules for additional clarification.

  • Basic Lifestyle: Street – Middle
    • Comforts: Street – Middle
    • Entertainment: Street – Low
    • Necessities: Street – Middle
    • Neighborhood: Street – Low
    • Security: Street – Middle
    • Recommended Positive Lifestyle Qualities:
      • Astral Repellant
      • Commercial Zone
      • Hasty Exit
    • Recommended Negative Lifestyle Qualities:
      • Household Gremlins
      • Lax Security
      • Pest Magnet
      • Poor Condition
      • Rough NeighborhoodUnsound/Unsafe
      • Worse Neighbors


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