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New Character Creation

All the necessary rules for creating your Shadowrunner are presented in the SR4A book. The original SR4 book, with the Changes Reference Document works just as well, but page numbers on this wiki reference SR4A. Also checkout Arsenal, Augmentation, the Runner’s Companion, Street Magic and Unwired for additional options and gear.

Please read pages 80 through 97 of the SR4A book in detail if you plan to build your character, rather than using a sample character.

Don’t forget to review the House Rules for additional interpretations and clarifications.

For those less adventurous, the sample characters starting on page 98 of SR4A can be lifted whole-clothe or modified for use in Slipshod Paradise. These characters are all built using 400 BP and meet all of the requirements found here.

Available Options

I haven’t had the opportunity to read most of the books at this time, so assume an exclusionary approach (if I don’t mention it, it’s not “in” yet). The “in” list is expected to grow to include all books by the time we’re ready to run, so keep an eye out here.


  • Shadowrun 4th Edition, 20th Anniversary Printing
  • Shadowrun 4th Edition with Changes Reference Document
  • Arsenal
    • Any items purchased from this book should be run by me first.
  • Augmentation
  • Runner’s Companion (options limited as follows)
    • The following guidelines are provided for developing enemies:
      • Any enemy with an Incidence rating above 3 should be discussed with me in advance.
      • The cause of the antipathy and the general nature of the enemy should be developed by the player and approved by me.
      • I will build the enemy.
    • Drakes, Infected, AIs, Free Spirits, and Shapeshifters are not permitted. (Metavariants and changlings are OK).
    • Judas and Borrowed Time negative qualities are outright banned for this Run.
  • Street Magic
  • Unwired
  • Corporate Guide
  • Feral Cities
  • Running Wild
  • Vice
  • War

Build Points

Shadowrunner’s in Slipshod Paradise are built using 400 BP. BP costs and limits are summarized below:

Category BP Cost per increment Cost to Max Out Special
Metatype Varies N/A Limited to Human, Ork, Dwarf, Elf and Troll
Qualities Varies N/A A character is limited to 35 points of negative qualities and 35 points of positive qualities.
Attributes 10 25 Characters may only spend 200 BP on Attributes.
Skills 4 N/A A character is limited to either one skill at Rating 6 with all others Rating 4 or less or two skills at Rating 5 with all other Rating 4 or less.
Skill Groups 10 N/A Skill Groups cannot be raised beyond 4 during character creation.
Specializations 2 N/A Characters are limited to a single specialization per skill. Characters cannot purchase specializations for skill groups.
Knowledge Skills 2 N/A Characters get free knowledge skill points equal to their (Logic + Intuition) * 3. Characters are limited to a maximum total Knowledge Skill points equal to twice their free points. Language Skills are a subset of Knowledge Skills.
Gear 1 BP per 5000 nuyen N/A Characters may only spend 50 BP on gear. Excess money does not carry straight into the game, see page 86 of SR4A.
Contacts 1 BP per point of Connection or Loyalty N/A It is recommended that characters have at least 2 contacts to start.
Magical Resources
Spells 3 N/A Characters may learn a number of spells equal to twice the highest rating of their Spellcasting or Ritual Spellcasting skills.
Spirits 1 BP per service N/A The maximum number of services a spirit may owe cannot exceed the Character’s Summoning skill. The maximum number of spirits the Character may begin play with is equal to his Charisma attribute.
Foci 1 BP per point of the Focus’ Force N/A A Character may not bond more foci than their Magic attribute. The focus must first be bought during the Gear section, above.
Adept Powers N/A N/A Adepts begin with a number of Power points equal to their Magic attribute. These points are used to purchase Adept Powers.
Technomancer Resources
Complex Forms 1 BP per rating N/A A character may not learn more complex forms than their Logic * 2.
Sprites 1 BP per task N/A Number of tasks cannot exceed character’s Compiling Skill. Number of sprites registered cannot exceed Charisma.


While the guidance provided on page 86 limits gear to that with an availability below 12, ownership of any heavily restricted (10R – 12R) or forbidden (8F – 12F) items must be explained with character background.

Recommended Gear

  • Commlink – (SR4A, p. 327 – 328) Unless you’re a technomancer, you’re going to need one of these badboys. And, ideally, interface equipment to make using it easier. I recommend the Sony Emperor or better if you’re not a hacker.
    • Operating System – (SR4A, p. 327 – 328) Every commlink needs an OS, and you buy them seperately, oh JOY! Firewall is important, so get at least a Renraku Ichi, if you’ve got the spare cred, jump on Iris Orb.
    • Programs – (SR4A, p. 232) If you’re a hacker, you’ll need more, but most people can get away with the cheapy Basic User program suite.
    • Interfaces – Every commlink comes with a display, camcorder, microphone, keyboard, retractable earbuds, and voice-access controls. But, all these things are mostly useful. . . if you’re holding the damned thing in your hand. No good if you’re in a firefight. To that end, make sure you buy the interfaces of your choice. You’ll find them scattered throughout the gear, mostly in SR4A, pages 328, 332-333, and 338-341. These include everything from sub-vocal microphones to internal (cyber) commlinks.
  • Fake SIN – (SR4A, p. 331) If you don’t have a real SIN (which is a bad thing, people track you by those), you’ll want a fake SIN, at least rating 2 (at 2,000 nuyen). This will allow you to walk most streets without getting arrested and make basic purchases. At character start, you can buy up to a rating 4 fake SIN. Multiple fake SINs are common for shadowrunners and can all be loaded onto the same commlink, allowing you to change identity on the fly.
    • Fake Licenses – (SR4A, p. 331) If you have a fake SIN and plan on carrying big, restricted weapons or having restricted cyberware installed, you may well want to invest in appropriate fake licenses, because, really, do you want a criminal SIN? And not even get the bonus BP for it. . .


Lifestyle should be purchased for at least one month during the “Gear” stage of character creation. Each district of the Norfolk Sprawl has an associated minimum lifestyle. Communities within each district may have different restrictions than the parent district. To accomidate some of the richer lifestyles in poor parts of town may require some creative thinking (a heavily secured, top of the line furnished, trashy warehouse in the Newport District may cost as much as a mansion in Hampton).

You should consult the Norfolk Sprawl page to determine which districts and neighborhoods you can live in for a given lifestyle (or, what lifestyle you need to live in a specific neighborhood).

People with the “Street” lifestyle may live in any neighborhood, but the local rent-a-cops are liable to haul you off to prison if you try bumming a wealthy community.


When purchasing contacts, remember to assign each point of BP spent to either Connection or Loyalty (See page 286 of SR4A for detailed explanations of these terms).

Feel free to be as detailed or general as you like in developing a contact. Consider such things as what the contact can provide you (usually information, equipment, under-the-table services, an introduction, or access to a facility), and how you know him. Once you’ve developed as much as you like, pass the information on to me and I’ll develop the contact the rest of the way.

Some sample “generic” contacts are provided in the SR4A, starting on page 289, for reference. Ultimately, I’ll determine their game mechanics (other than Connection and Loyalty), but otherwise, feel free to develop them as much or as little as you desire.

Finalizing Your Character

You get to decide whether I roll your starting nuyen for you, or you wait until we’re in the same room & you roll it in front of me. Hey, it’s the only die rolling in this Char Gen, I wanna be there for it.

Before your character is “legal” to play, you need to create your character here on the Portal, complete with background in the “fluff” section & let me know it’s there. Once I’ve given it the “GM Stamp of Approval” so to speak, you’re good to run.


Characters created and introduced post-start of the game will have karma awarded based on the backstory provided for the character. This karma will not exceed the highest total karma of existing runners.

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