House Rules

This page compiles the links to all house rules and clarifications applicable to Slipshod Paradise. Please refer here before asking your question.

The Rule of Specificity

A specific rule or application trumps the general rules. For example, a spell which deals physical lightning damage trumps the general rule that lightning damage is Stun damage.

The Rule of Fallibility

If any of these house rules are found to unbalance play, I reserve the right to revoke them in a manner which minimizes that revocation’s immediate impact to the game while still leading to the elimination (or mitigation) of the unbalancing elements.

If the players feel that a house rule unbalances play, let me know.


The following is a list (relatively complete) of all books which I am using to derive rules and setting information. See the Character Advancement rules for how this affects character building.

Note that headers are general, there is setting information in Rules books & Rules information in Setting books.

  • Rules
    • Shadowrun 4th Edition, 20th Anniversary Printing
    • Arsenal
    • Augmentation
    • Runner’s Companion
    • Street Magic
    • Unwired
  • Setting
    • Sixth World Almanac
    • Corporate Guide
    • Feral Cities
    • Running Wild
    • Vice
    • War!

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House Rules

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