Downtown Portsmouth

North of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and straddling 264 along the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River, the revitalized Portsmouth Downtown area features arts, entertainment, and all the civil services one expects from a modern district. High-rise condominiums feature state-of-the-art living conveniences and a beautiful view of Downtown Norfolk across the river.

The Straight Shit

Being downtown means you have easy access to SCS security when you’re getting robbed, but it also means you’re living shoulder-to-shoulder with the city’s bureaucrats. Downtown has it’s share of entertainment venues ranging from basement strip-joints for the military crowd up to fine dining for the well-to-do.

Neighborhood Security

Downtown is the poster-child for Southern Cross Security’s contract with Portsmouth. As such, response times are under 5 minutes and gangers know to keep their heads down. At the same time, local forgers and ID-thieves have learned that the sensor network used to verify SINs have a few flaws that are easily exploited, allowing a fair number of the SINless to operate with impunity and a cheap fakeSIN.

Neighborhood Lifestyles

Items in italics represent a norm, not a mandatory range. Recommended qualities are just that, recommended, not required. Please review the House Rules for additional clarification.

  • Basic Lifestyle: Low – High
    • Comforts: Low – High
    • Entertainment: Street – Luxury
    • Necessities: Low – High
    • Neighborhood: Medium – High
    • Security: Low – High

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Downtown Portsmouth

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