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  • House Rules Mgc

    h1. Magic Rules h2. [[Magical Traditions]] The above link provides descriptions of custom-built traditions available in this campaign. h2. Spellcasting h3. Durations Permanent spells must be sustained for a period equal to twice their Drain …

  • Spells HR

    h2. Combat Spells h3. House Ruled Spells h4. [Element] Grenade, War! page 177 * *Change* Duration from -Instantaneous- to +Sustained+ * *Change* Description as follows ** Second paragraph, starting on the second line. *Delete* the following: - …

  • Malphas

    A private man, Malphas makes his business deals out of the back of a van. More often than not, it's a different van than the one you saw last time. Give him the time he needs, and he can have what you need, where you need it. As long as it's magical.

  • Shira

    A seller of magical resources and musical instruments, Shira is a private woman who chooses not to give out her last (or, perhaps, real?) name to any of her clientele. Even those with whom she plays poker have yet to learn this basic information. A native …

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