Slipshod Paradise

Drone Tipping
Why, hello Z-5!


Cira, with the assistance of Black Tony, recruit the party to take on a mission for a troll fixer named Jeremiah.

Jeremiah introduced them to a pale dwarf in an off-the-rack, mid-quality suit. The Johnson. The Johnson hired the party to steal two packages from an Iron Triangle shipment due out that night. Prodding

A bit of research and hacking provided the runners with the route this package would take, as well as the general manning of the truck & route. Due to the low presence of guards, the team decided to knockout one of the way-points and ambush the drivers when they arrived.

At a local Stuffer Shack, March hacked into the way-point, gathering intel through his far more useful ferret. While March was discovering the status of the truck & how dangerous the package is, Moss used his magic and a little misdirection to slip drugs into the drinks of the technicians, one of whom had stopped by the joint to get some snacks.

Hilarity ensued with the technician crashing into a light-pole, a prostitute drinking a soda and the other tech providing a shot of epinephrin. Once the tech and whore were unconscious, The party took control of the way-point.

Cleaning the Streets, Pt 1
Sanura Goes to College

The Job

March’s physician, Dr. House, learned of an organ-legging operation in his little part of the Norfolk District when a dissected young woman was brought to his home. After scraping together 10,000 nY, Dr. House asked for March to bring his friends around to discuss the task of eliminating this threat to the safety of his neighborhood.

Cleaning the Streets, Pt 2
Or, How to Break a Mage Free from a Clinic

With Sanura captured, the team makes preparations for her release, by stealth, if possible, by force if necessary.

Using his sprites, March is able to provide a floor-plan of the Gethsemane Clinic and subsequently hack into their administrative node.

While her compatriots are making efforts for a daring rescue, Sanura, with matrix support from Talbot, summons a Spirit of Man to free her, then a Spirit of Air to sustain an improved invisibility spell on Talbot. Sanura follows up with a second improved invisibility spell on herself. At Talbot’s direction, Sanura breaks into Dr. Thanatos’ office to recover their gear and clothing, which has the unfortunate side effect of alerting Dr. Thanatos.

While March and Talbot lock up the Clinic’s doors, Big Mike and a few guards exit out the front door, where Donavan, Kiku, and Johnny Moss have set up a kill-zone protected by an illusion. Donavan convinces Big Mike to stay inside with a LAW rocket and Kiku starts picking off support personnel. All this is going on while Sanura and Talbot make their escape, only to be confronted by a fire spirit which casually tears into Kiku, then Talbot. The commotion raised by this fight compels March to clean up the area, first with the on-sight Clean-Bot 3000’s, then with an army commandeered from a local Molly Maid service. In an effort to save Talbot, March hacks into a Horizon med-evac unit nearby, discovering in the process that both med-techs are dead.

During the cleanup before fleeing, the party locates people who are having organs harvested and a man who has organs from numerous incompatible donors.

Before the police can arrive, the team makes their escape, heading back to Dr. House’s for payment and to patch up Kiku, Talbot and Sanura. The organlegger ring is effectively out of commission, and the party paid their promised 10k¥ while the doctor is patching up Talbot’s face with Johnny’s help.

Though her uncle has dealt with the obvious fallout, at both Akimoto’s and Detective Patrick’s recommendation, the party decides to leave town for a little while. To this end, they accept a job offered by an associate of Akimoto’s which will have them travelling to the northern end of Virginia to assist some smugglers with a go-ganger problem. Pay’s a comfortable 50k¥, with a 10% cut to Akimoto. And twenty percent up front, to help cover expenses sure sweetens the pot.

Open Huntin' Season, Pt. 1
Fear the Bovine!

06/08/72, Getting the Job

In a bid to avoid anyone they may have recently pissed off, our “heroes” have accepted a run from a contact of Hiroshi Akimoto that would take them to the small town of Linden, near the CAS-UCAS border. Their mission: to enable a Yakuza smuggling operation to continue their work in spite of the recent harassment they have received from a go-gang.

Open Huntin' Season, Pt. 2
That dog's got a grenade launcher!


     To give March sufficient time to crack into 66 High’s home node, Donavan and Kiku go deer hunting while Johnny and Sanura use the pretext of hunting to sniff out reagents.

     Kiku, unfortunately, gets distracted by a mother bear and her cubs. Playing it safe and keeping her cool, Kiku tries to evade the bear and get out of the mother’s path to the cubs. Hearing the commotion, Johnny and Sanura rush to Kiku’s aid, lending a little magical help… even if some of it goes awry. After that bit of excitement, Kiku continues hunting and manages to behead the buck for which she’s shooting, then heads for the Bed & Breakfast. Bringing down his prey at nearly the same time, Donavan tags his kill and heads back for the B&B.

     Johnny and Sanura, however, have a longer trip trying to find the right place to gather reagents and spend much of the morning simply wandering the back hills of Fauquier. Eventually, they come to a quiet clearing with a small waterfall and pond. Behind the waterfall is a submerged cave. Within, Johnny finds a pair of geodes pure enough for his purposes.

     Sanura, meanwhile, discovers that Manga Hut has gone to a pay-for-access system, thus impeding her continuing education in all things manga. She can only rail but for so long before noticing that she is sharing the clearing with the bear and cubs from earlier. Diving in with Johnny, she warns him of the problems outside. With a little luck and some carefully thought out illusions, Johnny succeeds in scaring off the bear and her cubs. Taking stock of their gear, they learn that only Johnny’s flashlight has been damaged, chewed up by the cubs. Satisfied with his successes so far, Johnny leads Sanura home, where Donavan and Kiku had spent the rest of the morning cleaning their deer.

     While they make plans for the evening, Kiku is contacted by her uncle, Hiroshi, who is checking up on her home for her. While talking with Kiku, Hiroshi hears the sounds of someone breaking in and the call is cut off to the sounds of gunfire. March enters Kiku’s CHN to discover a pair of masked men setting up a bomb in the bedroom and evidence of a fight, but no sign of Kiku’s Uncle. With little else she is able to do, Kiku calls up the O’Malley Family, who provides security for her apartment, and report the break in.

     In the evening, after March has infiltrated the 66 High node and learned only a little of their affairs and leaders, the group opts to camp out along Skyline Drive, in hopes of intercepting a pack of the gangers and thinning their numbers.

     On the way there, they fall into an ambush set by 66 High, instead. The gangers open by using the van’s node to trash the spark plugs. Then, while Donavan and Johnny are replacing the spark plugs with a little help from March, several of the gangers surround approach from the underbrush while a pair of Doberman drones cut off the road.

     During the ensuing battle, March discovers that the drones are controlled by a rival Technomancer, Huey. While March and Huey duke it out in cyberspace, Johnny shields the group with his magic and Sanura’s fire spirit unleashes hell amongst their foes. Donavan and Kiku provide additional support from the multitude of guns spilling out of the van.

     Wising up to the runner’s tactics, one of the drones hurls a pair of grenades at Johnny’s barrier while the other shoots Kiku through it. Donavan throws himself into Johnny and March rolls out of the way just before the two grenades detonate.

     With the barrier down, Kiku, Sanura, and Donavan tear into the enemies desperately turning the tide of battle back in their favor. As the enemy breaks and runs, Kiku returns a second pair of grenades launched during the fight. One of the enemies, suffering head trauma from Sanura’s attempts to play with him, is pulled into the van while the remainder of the gangers are put out of their misery.

Open Huntin' Season, Pt. 3
Something's Gotta Give...


     The runners make their way to Skyline Drive, where they set up camp and discover the presence of a group of teenagers. While waiting, March returns to 66 High’s node in an attempt to learn more of the gang, their involvement with the Commonwealth Troopers, and the reaction to the group’s decimation of the ambush. Johnny and Kiku spend a decent amount of this time interrogating their prisoner, only to discover that he is more afraid of one of the gangers, named Faust, than anything the crew might do to him.

     Providing sniper cover of the road, Donavan spots an ATV sporting an assault rifle. Sanura, providing astral overwatch, takes a moment or two to investigate and decides to follow the young man who steps out, trailed by a trio of spirits. He traipses through the woods until he finds and attacks another Awakened, later identified as Faust. Faust leaves the man, Daniel, to bleed to death in the forest while he argues with David Creek, titular leader of 66 High, over whether or not to burn down the Bed and Breakfast in retaliation for the failed ambush.

     The group tends to Daniel’s wounds and convinces him to join them, whereupon they set up their own ambush near the B&B to capture the incoming gangers. After Kiku warns Delilah and the trap is being set, March rigs the outcome of a poll being used by the gangers, convincing David that he has enough support to launch his attack.

     In the ensuing fight, March exploits a flaw in the OS of the ganger’s bikes to force them to a stop before Donavan brings down a tree and opens up with a grenade of tear gas. Sir Rivalen, an English knight summoned from his slumber by Johnny, and Kiku team up and time their attacks on the north flank to disguise Kiku’s presence and forcing a disproportionate number of gangers to focus their efforts on this front. Donavan’s tree creates a firing line, while the southern flank is temporarily bogged down encircling the underbrush and refuse of the downed tree.

     Supporting Sir Rivalen, Sanura cloaks him in a spell of invisibility while her Spirit of the Earth begins tethering gangers, slowing their escape from the area of Donavan’s tear gas. The gangers respond by first taking down Donavan, who had been exposed atop the turret of the ATV, then punching several rounds into Sanura while Johnny uses the spell Hot Potato to break up the advancing southern flank of the gangers.

     Daniel’s own spirits lend a certain amount of distraction, though most of his usefulness comes from healing Donavan to continue fighting. All the while, motorcycles keep flying amongst the enemy, tearing out from underneath them and generally creating an atmosphere of chaos amongst the frightened and confused gangers. About then, after most had dropped their weapons and all hope for order was lost, the tear gas kicked in, dropping many of the gangers still standing. The few that remained were swept up by the group’s spirit servitors.

     David Creek was separated out from the mess, to be turned in for the bounty, and the remaining gangers were tied to the nearby trees, naked, as a warning to the rest of 66 High. Shortly thereafter, Huey informs March that the rest of 66 High is pulling out of Fauquier County.

Taco Bell Receipt
I'd like to invite you to dine with me tonight.... at Taco Bell.

10/08/72, 0500

TACO BELL                                                                                                                 
7702 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA
Talbot's Security Blog
Daylight Bank Robbery

Blog Entry for 11/08/2072

The blog posting begins with Talbot’s persona, a dark, six-armed man in a somber, high-end suit, getting up from an over-stuffed blue arm chair. Behind him is a massive desk, with some sort of massive gun lying across it. The view through the window behind the desk shows a dark dream-scape of nodes, with flashing lines indicating net activity. Between this and the contents of the flanking bookshelves, it seems pretty clear the man’s day job involves corporate matrix security. As Talbot rants, he paces the office, and the window displays security feeds from various angles showing the events of his post as they unfold.

What is this, the Wild West? Where were the police on this one? This is supposed to be a society of laws, of order, ladies and gentlemen. And where are the police when seven innocent people are gunned down in the very streets of Downtown? Intercepting the Aztechnology security forces that are actually trying to stop these homicidal maniacs!

Channel 10 News Briefs
All the News You Never Cared About

Channel 10 National News Briefs

Presidential Candidate – Dead in Hotel

Tracey Theuriau
      Senator Alan Cartwright (SD-TX),the Southern Democrat’s presidential candidate, was found dead in his Alabama hotel room Friday (12-08). The Senator had apparently suffered from an aneurism, though at present, police are investigating it as a murder. Cartwright’s death leaves the Southern Democrats in disarray as they scramble for a replacement. Cartwright’s running mate, Florida Governor Patricia Chambers, has already withdrawn her name from the ballot.
      Senator Cartwright was a staunch opponent of Metahuman hate groups and the New Manifest Destiny Policlub. In the Senate, he helped pass the Chearót Act, allowing metahumans to serve equally in all branches of government and fought to end bounties on HMHVV victims.

Jeremiah Has a Job For You
There is no job like the one that pays.


     In the midst of Kelly’s Friday Tourney, with close to a thousand nuyen on the line, Johnny’s ear starts buzzing and the view from Jeremiah’s vid-camera pops up in the periphery of his vision. For a change, he’s not at the Geisha, there’s no sign of krill sushi, or scantily clad asian women.


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