Slipshod Paradise

Who wants some Ebola+?

Team is hired by Seelie Flynn to enact vengeance against a group of ex-marine-cum-gun-runners who stole a crate of mortar shells from her. While a bonus will be paid for recovering the mortar shells, she mostly wants their hide-out in the Great Dismal Swamp destroyed.

While investigating the site, JC loses a drone and the team discovers that the gun runners are trying to sell a container filled with Ebola+ to one Diana Sturkov. With most of the team favoring burning the place to the ground, JC attempts to sneak in and recover the Ebola+. In the ensuing fire-fight, most of the team is nearly wiped out, but March and JC manage to recover the Ebola+ and get their teammates to Street Docs, regardless.

Horizon's Child, Part 3

With Sanura recuperating in the hospital, the End Runners interrogate Cherub on her role in the kidnapping of Marie Bissette. What little she has to add confirms what they already suspected. The real target was Rabican and most of the planning was done by Seraph and Ereli.

With Seraph dead and Ereli engaged in no suspicious activities, the team drops the matter once its confirmed with Talbot that nothing is amiss on Horizon’s end of things. Both March and JC hack into Cherub’s commlink before she’s released into the wild and, with little ado, the team closes the file on Horizon’s Child.

Horizon's Child, Part 2
Where'd Sanura Go?

Takes place the day after Horizon’s Child Part 1.

The team investigates the Dark Angel’s bunker in Yorktown, trapping Ereli in the shower with a March-induced power outage. From there, they track them back to somewhere in the Jame’s River.

Exploration leads the team to the CSS Gerald R Ford. During their search of the ship, the team inadvertently awakens the nascent AI in the ship’s Total Ship’s System. In the forward berthing area, the team finds their targets and ambushes them before they have an opportunity to negotiate.

In short order, Sanura is shot out of the side of the ship, two of the Dark Angels are dead, and Marie is secure.

With JC saved from impending combat with the Total Ship’s System, and the Ship’s Test Sequence resulting in explosions of the forward capacitive banks, the team returns to shore with Cherub, the Dark Angel’s hacker, in custody.

Horizon's Child, Part 1
That elevator was coming right at me!


Norfolk, Ghent, Botetourt Gardens

As Sanura begins her day with a light breakfast and hot shower, she’s interrupted by the insessent buzzing of her commlink. When she’s got the time to answer, it proves to be Talbot. Dashing any hopes of a hookup, he asks her to meet him at Lynnhaven to discuss some business. Irked, but curious, Sanura gathers up her allies and heads to Virginia Beach.

Portsmouth, Charon Towers, Tenth Floor

Yuri’s morning starts out a fair bit differently from Sanura’s. After some light wrestling with Borris, he sets about inspecting his guns while breakfast is compiled. As he contemplates his lack of escape routes, the door buzzer gives hisses for his attention.

Channel 10 News Briefs
More News You Couldn't Care About

Channel 10 Regional News Briefs

Police: 2-year-old girl shot herself

Allen Todd
       HAMPTON – Lone Star officials said that a 2-year-old girl shot herself in the arm late Monday night at the 200 block of Triple Crown Court. The girl was brought to the hospital via ambulance for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Lone Star said that two adults and two juveniles were in the home when the accident happened. The shooting is under investigation.
       Lone Star has requested that anyone with information should contact them via commcode LOCK-U-UP-HAMPTON.

Victim of prison violence identified

Pathfinder MultiMedia
       PETERSBURG – As reported last week, a vicious assault at the Petersburg State Penitentiary left one man dead and two more in critical condition. Pathfinder MultiMedia has now confirmed that the violence was gang retaliation for last year’s Halloween Massacre in Cradock.
       While names of the assailants are being withheld pending a full investigation, PSP Community Relations Director, Cleo Watkins, has confirmed that all were members of the notorious White Knights gang. Furthermore, Pathfinder sources inside the prison have identified Jack-Wagon boss Juan Mendez as the primary victim.
      Mendez was serving a life sentence for his role in planning the Halloween Massacre, which left three alleged White Knights and five children dead.

Vehicle stolen with child inside

       SUFFOLK – Tribal authorities said that a vehicle was stolen on Tuesday night with a nine-month-old child inside. The incident happened just before 8 p.m. near the 600 block of Third Avenue. A few minutes later, the child was discovered outside of the doorstep of a residence in the 600 block of First Avenue. Tribesmen are looking for the vehicle, a silver 2069 Ford Americar.

The Great Escape, pt 1
The bitch...

01/10/2072, Mid Afternoon

Still sitting in the van, the team begins to dissect the information Donavan recovered from City Hall for a job involving the demolition of an apartment complex in Virginia Beach. Unbeknownst to the runners, a team of mercenaries was already closing on their van.

Across the Elizabeth, JC slips out of VR as things wind down in Norfolk to answer his door. Outside, a pair of armed men are supporting a third, clearly wounded, man. With a glance towards Yuri and the Russian’s mastiff, JC lets his latest client into his home. Even as they cross the threshold, JC knows something is wrong, the two big goons let go of the injured man, whose wounds vanish before JC’s eyes even as the man launches into a spell.

City Renovations
Sometimes, things need to go "boom"


For March, it was a matter of professionalism that he should return to JC’s to keep tabs on Boris. The surgery scars he had noted during his first examination were of significant concern for the technomancer. Indeed, it would even provide an opportunity to experiment with a new secret he had pulled from the Resonance, an inner ability to seek out electromagnetic disruptions. Reaching out with his new senses, March could just barely make out some distortion, but as with all new skills, it would take practice to tell more.

One Way Ticket, Part 2
I have spoken English my entire life, and still do not understand the words coming out of your mouth.


As the team reviewed the data they’d gathered from Peter’s apartment, JC, the man behind the “AI” Potomac barely noticed when Noose excused himself. He would resolve the possible Occupy Gondor lead himself in the time it took for the others to even decide on a surveillance drone.

One Way Ticket, Part 1


Grigori Petrov was a man with a problem. His bosses in the Vory were insistent that he turn up an enforcer and bookie named Peter Orzig. To do this, Grigori turned to two of his best, and most reliable, sources. His old mercenary comrade, Yuri Sturkov, and the ever-unpredictable Parker. He asked only that the bring with them such other persons as they could trust with work in the shadows.

Rescuing Rock Salt
Occupy Gondor!


In the aftermath of his work bringing down the Bionic Army, JC hacked into Dr. Ivanov’s office node to find out what would be happening to his latest patients. Dashet and Dragoon seemed to be fine, having plentiful assets to cover their expenses. However, what funds Rock Salt may have had proved insufficient to protect him from Dr. Ivanov’s loss-prevention solutions. If he did nothing, JC and his new teammates would be directly responsible for Rock Salt being chopped apart and sold for scrap by an organlegger called Big Mike.


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