Slipshod Paradise

City Renovations
Sometimes, things need to go "boom"


For March, it was a matter of professionalism that he should return to JC’s to keep tabs on Boris. The surgery scars he had noted during his first examination were of significant concern for the technomancer. Indeed, it would even provide an opportunity to experiment with a new secret he had pulled from the Resonance, an inner ability to seek out electromagnetic disruptions. Reaching out with his new senses, March could just barely make out some distortion, but as with all new skills, it would take practice to tell more.

One Way Ticket, Part 2
I have spoken English my entire life, and still do not understand the words coming out of your mouth.


As the team reviewed the data they’d gathered from Peter’s apartment, JC, the man behind the “AI” Potomac barely noticed when Noose excused himself. He would resolve the possible Occupy Gondor lead himself in the time it took for the others to even decide on a surveillance drone.

One Way Ticket, Part 1


Grigori Petrov was a man with a problem. His bosses in the Vory were insistent that he turn up an enforcer and bookie named Peter Orzig. To do this, Grigori turned to two of his best, and most reliable, sources. His old mercenary comrade, Yuri Sturkov, and the ever-unpredictable Parker. He asked only that the bring with them such other persons as they could trust with work in the shadows.

Rescuing Rock Salt
Occupy Gondor!


In the aftermath of his work bringing down the Bionic Army, JC hacked into Dr. Ivanov’s office node to find out what would be happening to his latest patients. Dashet and Dragoon seemed to be fine, having plentiful assets to cover their expenses. However, what funds Rock Salt may have had proved insufficient to protect him from Dr. Ivanov’s loss-prevention solutions. If he did nothing, JC and his new teammates would be directly responsible for Rock Salt being chopped apart and sold for scrap by an organlegger called Big Mike.

Coleman Memorial Building Massacre
Relaunching Slipshod Paradise

The Cadre, as Sky-Net thought of them, approached the building which geographical nodes identify as “Western Branch”, itself part of something called “Portsmouth”. This form of subdividing could be infinitely scaled, next was Hampton Roads, then Virginia, CAS, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way, Universe. As best it could tell, “Universe” was the ultimate geographical unit from which all other things derived. And Sky-Net has no E-M imagery of this maximal unit. Checking its files, “uneasy” was the most applicable analog for its reaction to these data. Regardless, at present, the interest is the “Coleman Memorial Building” (new designation: CMB) in “Western Branch” (new designation: WB)
ERROR, “WB” designate priority assigned, revert designation to “Western Branch”

What has that creep been up to?
A day in the office.

This post is entirely OOC Knowledge, Enjoy!

Setting the reports aside, Cliff put his feet up on the mahogany desk to look over at the intern beaming at him. The blond sat on the edge of the hard seat he allowed visitors in his office. Clearly, she was waiting for him to say something. He kicked his feet up on the desk, and drew heavily from the cup of fresh coffee he had brewed that morning.

What a Twist!
When DnD meets Shadowrun...

This Post is Strictly OOC Knowledge… Enjoy!

Eladrien’s player watches the mind-controlled half-elf strike down their hireling, so much for the rogue he thinks to himself, before she logs from the game. Great, now we’re facing this thing without our meat shield, or our sneak. Hope that damn “secret psion” can handle this with just the dwarf and druid.

A Lady's Revenge
Revenge is a dish best served to someone else.


Johnny had spent the last few days studying several of the finer points of thaumaturgical philosophy in the privacy of his lodge. When he finally roused himself from his studies, Johnny Moss discovers that, for much of the last day, Donavan had been attempting to reach him about a job.

Unfortunately, when Johnny speaks with Donavan, the story he wove seemed to suggest that the team had sunk to being errand boys for the mafia, again. The team had destroyed, however inadvertently, a bunraku parlor in Chesapeake. Fortunately, the painful conversation was interupted by an urgent communique from Jeremiah. The affable troll had a lead on the comings and goings of Cliff Martin.

Channel 10 News Briefs
"All the news you should know."

News for 12/09/72

Fire in Chesapeake, Foul Play at the Youth Center?

Fire tore through the Southgate Plaza Shopping Center in the South Norfolk neighborhood of Chesapeake earlier this evening. Though the exact cause of the fire is still being investigated, Chesapeake Fire Marshal Lynn Davis confirmed reports that accelerants were the cause of the fire’s rapid spread.

:Clip of a modest woman, mid 30’s, soot smudging her face as she walks towards her car, looking towards someone off-camera who has apparently just asked a question. In the background, firemen sift through the smoldering wreckage at the center of a long strip mall.:

“Am I saying that this fire was started intentionally? No, we’re still investigating the cause of this fire.
“Maybe you don’t understand, sir, ‘accelerant’ is a fairly broad term. That could have been a store of paint in the backroom that fed this fire.”

The Southgate Plaza Shopping Center has experienced several fires in the past three years, including last year’s infamous St. Augustine Fire, which took the life of Bishop Dylan Jansen. Investigations into the cause of that fire led to the arrest of several prominent Humanis Policlub members in Virginia Beach.

Tonight’s fire appears to have started in the Youth Center and spread from there to an office of Saeder-Krupp’s Dresdner Bank before firefighters could bring the blaze under control. So far, emergency workers have pulled ten bodies from the Youth Center. Lone Star media correspondant, Evie Read, has informed Channel 10 that nine of the bodies are of young women. Anyone knowing anything about the identities of the victims should contact Lone Star’s Chesapeake Operations Center. What so many people were doing at the Youth Center after hours remains unexplained.

Ulrich Diefenbach, of Dresdner Bank, confirmed for Channel 10 that Dresdner Bank does hold a lease in Southgate Plaza and that non of the assets of the company’s clients were endangered by the inferno. Richard Greeley, operator of the Youth Center, could not be reached for comment.

Bunraku Blitz
"They don't need no protection"


Tony had a problem. Specifically, Richard, owner of a bunraku parlor on his turf in Chesapeake hadn’t paid his “insurance” money for over a month. Black Tony needed to give Richard his final warning regarding non-payment. To this end, he got in touch with his dear friend, Donavan. Donavan works with a team of hardasses who have a tendancy of getting what they want and leaving a crater in their wake when they don’t. To pay Donavan, Black Tony offers up Richard’s vehicle tag eraser.

In another part of Portmsouth, March learned from his dear friend, Talitha, that there were no ties between Spaz Fish, Cliff Martin, and Zombie Technologies. However, Talitha did find some suspicious photo-ops of Spaz Fish in conjunction with a company called Chronos Consulting and unrest in the Ukraine. Furthermore, Cliff Martin had been seen entering the tenemant in Chesapeake where the BTL dealer Pot Luck lives.


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