Slipshod Paradise

Aztech Gold
I'm not sure anyone reads these things... Then again, I rarely ever write them in a timely manner...


Spaz wakes up at Dr. House’s clinic and confirms that the past few days have not, in fact, been a horrible nightmare. After settling matters with the doctor, Spaz heads for home, only to be tailed by a black SUV. Despite some reasonably considered diversionary tactics, Spaz finds himself cornered on a roof by a pair of orks and a twelve-year old elf who calls himself Rabican.

That has to Hurt
"Look, I got my pokey-stick!" -Scott

05/09/72, ~2300

In the last hour of the night, the rest of the team is collecting their thoughts following the demolition of the warehouse within which they had intended to hand-off the 74B-3 AntiVirals to Mr. Johnson, AKA “Cliff Martin”. While Donavan is retrieving the AntiBac and Spaz, Sanura pulls up the news, only to find their faces splashed across the headlines.

Biodegradable Horizons, Part 2
Everyone wants a little Ebola!

Monday, 05/09/2072

1400, Saber Delmar’s Apartment

While going about his business at home, Spaz is interupted by Jeremiah’s fist crashing against his door. The massive troll offers a little small talk before inviting Spaz to join him at a bar in Portsmouth, the Slipshod Paradise. Though reluctant after his last trip with Jeremiah, Spaz hesitantly enters the limo.

A New Variable
Or, How a Man Loses His Mind

31/08/72, 2030

Waking up on a strange shore-line, he took stock of his situation… Item 1, he’s naked. Well, nearly naked, he’s wearing a hospital gown. Item 2, the beach is sandy. Item 3, Someone over there is talking about killing somebody, in English. Wait, killing someone?

Biodegradable Horizons, Pt 1
I want what that Johnson's smoking...


Kiku visits her Uncle at the hospital, who is recovering well, despite the half-body cast, but he’ll be up in a few days. After a brief visit, Hiroshi remembers the payment owed Kiku and her friends. The only description Hiroshi can provide is “japanese street punks”.


Johnny Moss asks Shira about the Fraternal Order of Magic:

  • Shira has heard of them, knows they stylize themselves as the police force of the magical community.
Jeremiah Has a Job For You
There is no job like the one that pays.


     In the midst of Kelly’s Friday Tourney, with close to a thousand nuyen on the line, Johnny’s ear starts buzzing and the view from Jeremiah’s vid-camera pops up in the periphery of his vision. For a change, he’s not at the Geisha, there’s no sign of krill sushi, or scantily clad asian women.

Channel 10 News Briefs
All the News You Never Cared About

Channel 10 National News Briefs

Presidential Candidate – Dead in Hotel

Tracey Theuriau
      Senator Alan Cartwright (SD-TX),the Southern Democrat’s presidential candidate, was found dead in his Alabama hotel room Friday (12-08). The Senator had apparently suffered from an aneurism, though at present, police are investigating it as a murder. Cartwright’s death leaves the Southern Democrats in disarray as they scramble for a replacement. Cartwright’s running mate, Florida Governor Patricia Chambers, has already withdrawn her name from the ballot.
      Senator Cartwright was a staunch opponent of Metahuman hate groups and the New Manifest Destiny Policlub. In the Senate, he helped pass the Chearót Act, allowing metahumans to serve equally in all branches of government and fought to end bounties on HMHVV victims.

Talbot's Security Blog
Daylight Bank Robbery

Blog Entry for 11/08/2072

The blog posting begins with Talbot’s persona, a dark, six-armed man in a somber, high-end suit, getting up from an over-stuffed blue arm chair. Behind him is a massive desk, with some sort of massive gun lying across it. The view through the window behind the desk shows a dark dream-scape of nodes, with flashing lines indicating net activity. Between this and the contents of the flanking bookshelves, it seems pretty clear the man’s day job involves corporate matrix security. As Talbot rants, he paces the office, and the window displays security feeds from various angles showing the events of his post as they unfold.

What is this, the Wild West? Where were the police on this one? This is supposed to be a society of laws, of order, ladies and gentlemen. And where are the police when seven innocent people are gunned down in the very streets of Downtown? Intercepting the Aztechnology security forces that are actually trying to stop these homicidal maniacs!

Taco Bell Receipt
I'd like to invite you to dine with me tonight.... at Taco Bell.

10/08/72, 0500

TACO BELL                                                                                                                 
7702 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA
Open Huntin' Season, Pt. 3
Something's Gotta Give...


     The runners make their way to Skyline Drive, where they set up camp and discover the presence of a group of teenagers. While waiting, March returns to 66 High’s node in an attempt to learn more of the gang, their involvement with the Commonwealth Troopers, and the reaction to the group’s decimation of the ambush. Johnny and Kiku spend a decent amount of this time interrogating their prisoner, only to discover that he is more afraid of one of the gangers, named Faust, than anything the crew might do to him.

     Providing sniper cover of the road, Donavan spots an ATV sporting an assault rifle. Sanura, providing astral overwatch, takes a moment or two to investigate and decides to follow the young man who steps out, trailed by a trio of spirits. He traipses through the woods until he finds and attacks another Awakened, later identified as Faust. Faust leaves the man, Daniel, to bleed to death in the forest while he argues with David Creek, titular leader of 66 High, over whether or not to burn down the Bed and Breakfast in retaliation for the failed ambush.

     The group tends to Daniel’s wounds and convinces him to join them, whereupon they set up their own ambush near the B&B to capture the incoming gangers. After Kiku warns Delilah and the trap is being set, March rigs the outcome of a poll being used by the gangers, convincing David that he has enough support to launch his attack.

     In the ensuing fight, March exploits a flaw in the OS of the ganger’s bikes to force them to a stop before Donavan brings down a tree and opens up with a grenade of tear gas. Sir Rivalen, an English knight summoned from his slumber by Johnny, and Kiku team up and time their attacks on the north flank to disguise Kiku’s presence and forcing a disproportionate number of gangers to focus their efforts on this front. Donavan’s tree creates a firing line, while the southern flank is temporarily bogged down encircling the underbrush and refuse of the downed tree.

     Supporting Sir Rivalen, Sanura cloaks him in a spell of invisibility while her Spirit of the Earth begins tethering gangers, slowing their escape from the area of Donavan’s tear gas. The gangers respond by first taking down Donavan, who had been exposed atop the turret of the ATV, then punching several rounds into Sanura while Johnny uses the spell Hot Potato to break up the advancing southern flank of the gangers.

     Daniel’s own spirits lend a certain amount of distraction, though most of his usefulness comes from healing Donavan to continue fighting. All the while, motorcycles keep flying amongst the enemy, tearing out from underneath them and generally creating an atmosphere of chaos amongst the frightened and confused gangers. About then, after most had dropped their weapons and all hope for order was lost, the tear gas kicked in, dropping many of the gangers still standing. The few that remained were swept up by the group’s spirit servitors.

     David Creek was separated out from the mess, to be turned in for the bounty, and the remaining gangers were tied to the nearby trees, naked, as a warning to the rest of 66 High. Shortly thereafter, Huey informs March that the rest of 66 High is pulling out of Fauquier County.


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