IT BR-5 Battle Rifle

Decimating enemy ranks for the CAS for fifteen years

weapon (ranged)

Cost: 4,000¥
Availability: 15F

Damage 7P AP -1 Mode SA/BF RC 3
Range 100/250/500/750 Ammo 32(c)

Standard Modules:

  • Image Magnification (Rail-mounted accessory)
  • Foregrip
  • Gas Vent System (2)
  • Internal Smartgun System
    • Advanced Safety System (RFID-triggered)

The Iron Triangle BR-5 battle rifle has been standard issue for the CAS military for years, seeing service in several brush-wars.

This battle-proven design continues to be a top-seller due in part to its customizability, IT offers numerous accessories, including under-barrel weapons designed to mount with the specialized foregrip.

IT BR-5 Battle Rifle

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