Dr. Robotnik

Stealthy Drone of Pain


Base Model: Wuxing Crimson Samurai
Upgrades: Device Rating, Pilot, Ammo Bin, Chameleon Coating
Time to Refuel: 4 hours
Condition: 4 of 10

Core Stats

Handling +1    Acceleration 15/30    Speed 100    Body 4    Armor 12    Pilot 4    DR 4
Sensor 3

Sensor Suite

Payload, Capacity Used: 4 of 8 Signal 4
Sensor Enhancement Software
Atmosphere Sensor (Rating 3)    
Camera (FF, Rating 4) Flare Compensation
Thermographic Vision
Vision Enhancement 3
Vision Magnification
Facial Recognition Software 3
Vehicle Identification Software (Rating 3)
Weapon Watcher Software 3
Camera (RF, Rating 4) Flare Compensation
Thermographic Vision
Vision Enhancement 3
Vision Magnification
Microphone (FF, Rating 6) Audio Enhancement 2
Select Sound Filter 3
Spatial Recognizer
Voice Recognition 3


Nitama Optimum II DV: 6P AP: -1 Mode: SA/BF/FA Range: 50/150/350/550
Mods Chameleon Coating, Improved Range Finder, Integral Silencer
Ammo: Subsonic Rounds Quantity: 452 Notes: AP +2 (BAL), -20% Range
Underbarrel Shotgun DV: 7P AP: -1 Mode: SA Range: 10/40/80/150
Ammo: Stick ’n Shock Quantity: 5 Notes: 6S(e), AP -half (IMP)

Node Data

Device Rating 4       Pilot 4
Targeting(Automatics) 4    Targeting(Longarms) 3    ERG Clearsight 3    ERG Maneuver(groundcraft) 3
Covert Ops 3    Defense 3

Vehicle Modifications

Standard Features:
Feature Rating Description Source
NWM(Normal Weapon Mount N/A External, RC, Turret RC, 132
Custom Configuration Slots Used: 2 of 4
Mod Rating Description Source Slots
Ammo Bin N/A Doubles turret’s ammo capacity. RC, 131 1
Chameleon Coating N/A Coats entire drone in ruthenium polymers, allowing it to be skinned as necessary for a run, or to match the background, imposing a -4 penalty on perception checks to spot the drone. RC, 134 1

Dr. House had received this drone as payment for medical bills some years back. What the drone was purposed for, he never asked. He just assumed it was dangerous and left it in a corner of his home. Eventually, he turned it into a side table.

When he needed some help from March, though, he stripped off the wood panelling, figured out how to boot it up without getting added to the target database and turned it over to the Russian hacker.

Dr. Robotnik

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