Yuri Sturkov



Name: Yuri Sturkov


  • Runner Name:
  • Ivan Ulyanov
    • Rating 4 FakeSIN
    • Rating 4 licenses: Pistol, Smartlink, Shock Glove

Metatype: Human Age: 48 Sex: Male

Karma: 27 Current Karma: 23

Current Nuyen: n¥ 12,433

Basic Qualities

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes
Body 3 Charisma 5 Edge 2 Current Edge 2
Agility 3 Intuition 3 Initiative 6 Initiative Passes 1
Reaction 3 Logic 2 Essence 2.95    
Strength 5 Willpower 4        
Active Skills Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT
Firearms Automatics 3 AGI Unarmed Combat (Martial Arts +2) 4 AGI Wine 1 INT
Longarms 3 AGI Dodge 3 REA Economics 3 LOG
Pistols 3 AGI Perception 3 INT Old World Literature 5 INT
Stealth Disguise 2 INT Escape Artist 1 AGI History 2 LOG
Infiltration 2 AGI First Aid 1 LOG Military 1 LOG
Palming 2 AGI Tracking 1 INT      
Shadowing 2 AGI Navigation 1 INT Russian N  
Influence Con 3 CHA Pilot Ground Craft 1 REA English N  
Etiquette 3 CHA Computer 1 LOG German 3 Int
Leadership 3 CHA Data Search 2 LOG      
Negotiation 3 CHA



Yuri’s currently renting a tenth-floor apartment in one of the more moderate high-rises in the re-invigorated Portsmouth downtown. The key feature he’s afforded is a respectable view of the Norfolk skyline across the river.

  • Basic Lifestyle: Middle, 15 LP, 5,000¥/month

Born to a poor family in the village of Livny, the oldest of 5 children. Two of which died before reaching the age of 10, one who left the country under unexplained circumstances, and a sister who survived until 10 years prior to game current. At 10, his mother died giving birth to the 5th child.

At the age of 20 his father died of old age (meaning alcohol poisoning in Russia) he moved to the city of Volgograd with his surviving sister. It was here he met a fellow young man named Gregori. The two became fast friends, had the idea to work as part of the civil protection initiative and despite clean dealings, still managed to rise in the ranks. With the rising of rank came a moderate income and access to higher education, fostering a love of old world literature, military history, world economics, and world history.

Eight years after joining, the two reached the end of their service term and founded a merc/investigation agency. It was two years after this that Yuri’s remaining sister (and youngest of the children) was murdered. With this, Yuri ended his partnership with his long time friend to mourn, and eventually became a free lance bounty hunter.

Yuri Sturkov

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