Drone-wielding megolamaniac out to get Donavan


Apparent Metatype: Dwarf,       Apparent Age: 23,       Apparent Gender: Male

Connections: 3

Enemy Info

Donavan Woods Incidence 2


Donavan never really knew Vincent. Back in 2070, Donavan and Shadow were helping Marcello “liberate” some property from the CAS National Guard Armory in Atlanta. To pull off the job, they needed some extra muscle and someone who knew their way around matrix security. Enter Vincent and a young gnome running with the handle “Klaatu”.

Turned out, Vincent had a bit of a knack for customizing weaponry himself, and the job called for some seriously custom gear to get the team in and out. In the few weeks they had, Vincent was able to get two of the modified MP Laser 3 systems into his drones, while Donavan swiftly and calmly readied the other four for the team’s use. Donavan never did understand why, but Vincent seemed to take it personally that Donavan had gotten more of the work done, and even corrected some of the wiring Vincent was installing on the drones.

It probably didn’t help that Vincent’s friend Klaatu kept hanging around Donavan. When Donavan had finished the weapons he had been assigned (those for himself, Shadow, and Vincent), Klaatu grabbed his own laser off of Vincent’s workbench and asked Donavan to finish up the mods it needed.

During the run, things only went downhill, while drilling through the wall with the lasers, one of Vincent’s drones overheated & had to be abandoned1 once they confirmed that a problem with the laser mods had destroyed its processor. Vincent blamed this on Donavan’s wiring, yelling over the comms that he’d fucked up2.

In addition to providing extra firepower, Vincent’s drones were meant to carry the goods back out. To compensate, Donavan detoured the group to a maintenance area where he found a damaged drone. While the remaining drone, Shadow and Vincent provided covering fire, Donavan effected some emergency repairs and swept some of the unnecessary equipment out of the drone’s compartments for a makeshift storage compartment. Once this was done, Klaatu hacked in and slaved the new drone to his ‘link. Sadly, the covering fire necessitated by the detour drained out the last of the ammo for Shadow and Vincent’s lasers Shadow calmly slung her weapon and pulled out her sniper rifle, moving to find a good overwatch position to make sure their escape route didn’t get cut off. Vincent, on the other hand, threw his aside1, grabbed up Klaatu’s3, and kept moving.

From there to weapon storage, things went smoothly, most of the security had switched to a containment approach, trying to keep the runners from reaching anything terribly important or escaping, but otherwise not engaging. Fortunately, weapon storage was inside the cordon. Klaatu hacked through the locks, Donavan and Vincent loaded up the merchandise and the three of them hauled ass.

A few well placed shaped-charges later, Donavan, Klaatu, Vincent and their cargo were out a different side of the building than they’d entered. Shadow was strolling out the front doro in a CAS Marine uniform, the orders she carried showing that she had been there to perform an inventory, but was being diverted to brief the President on the horrendous security situation4.

Having violated so many of Marcello’s rules, Vincent was denied his pay. Marcello decided that since so much of Vincent’s fuck-ups were covered by Donavan, he’d get Vincent’s share as well as his own. As a result, Vincent walked away with nothing but a grudge and bruised ego, while Donavan went home with two M79B1 LAWs and a decent chunk of walking-around money.


1 Marcello’s Second Rule: Never drop your shit.

2 Marcello’s Tenth Rule: Never lose your serenity.

3 Marcello’s Fourth Rule: Never screw your buddies. Corollary: Unless they’re seriously hot shit.

4 Marcello’s Twelfth Rule: The more outrageous the lie, the more willingly people accept it as truth. Corollary: Especially if it’s very good, or very bad, news for the person hearing it.

Plots Involving Vincent

You’re Not Welcome Here
Vincent and Donavan


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