Treystan Garrett

Magician for Hire



  • Real Name Treystan Garrett (EuroSIN, Mage’s License, Trust Fund)
    • Nuyen (Account): 500 ¥
    • Store Credit (Shira’s Oddities): 150 ¥
  • Valin Steel (Fake-CASSIN 4, fakeMage’s License 4, Active)
    • Nuyen (Account): 24,274 ¥
  • Johnny Moss (Runner’s Call-sign, Active)

Metatype: Elf Age: 24 Sex: M
Physical Description: Medium length hair, groomed and died brushed steel/silver. Genetically dark red.

Total Karma: 52 Current Karma: 4
Street Cred: 5, Notoriety: 1, Public Awareness: 2

Basic Qualities

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes
Body 3 Charisma 3 Edge 2 Current Edge 2
Agility 3 Intuition 4 Initiative 7 Initiative Passes 1 (Astral 3)
Reaction 3 Logic 5 Essence 6 Matrix Init NA
Strength 2 Willpower 3 Magic: 5 Astral Init: 8
Active Skills Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT
Conjuring Banishing 2 MAG Perception 2 INT Metallurgy 5 LOG
Binding 2 MAG Survival 1 INT Zoology 3 LOG
Summoning 2 MAG Archery (Crossbows +2) 1 AGI Botany 4 LOG
Arcana 1 LOG Clubs (Staves +2) 1 AGI Magic Theory 4 LOG
Assensing 1 INT Dodge 2 REA Geology 4 LOG
Astral Combat 3 WIL Chemistry 2 LOG Chemistry 3 LOG
Counterspelling 3 MAG

Norfolk Talismongers 1 INT
Enchanting (Alchemy +2) 2 MAG

SCS Procedures 1 INT
Spellcasting 5 MAG

Gambling (Cards +2) 1 INT
First Aid (Combat Healing +2) 3 LOG

Architecture 2 LOG
Negotiation (Sense Motive +2) 1 CHA

English N

            Sperethiel N

            Gaelic 4 INT

Magical Information

Initiate 1

  • Flexible Signature


Let’s face it, we all have shit to carry, and we need somewhere to put it.


Name Description Source Cost

SR4A, p. 91 15
Trust Fund Monthly living allowance tied to SIN, paid directly to cover living expenses. RC 10
College Education   RC 5

RC 5
Sensitive System Double essence losses caused by cyberware implants due to immuno-suppressive issues. SR4A, p. 95 +15
SINner Treystan Garrett is a legal citizen of the European Union, complete with SIN and passport, he currently lives in the CAS on a dubious work visa application. SR4A, p. 95 +5
Prejudiced Valin doesn’t care much for meta-haters. RC +5
In Debt When Valin first moved to the Norfolk Sprawl, he had a bit of trouble finding a good place to set up shop. An acquaintance of his, Shira, met over games of poker at Kelly’s Tavern, helped him out by introducing him to Cira Rossi. Cira, a small time Capo for the Rossi Family, found a quiet, home for Valin in Ghent and hooked him up with a fake SIN to provide cover for his. . . less legal activities. She also extended Valin a small line of credit to get his feet under him. Now, he just needs to make a few small payments to clear 15k nuyen, plus interest, or Cira might bring some large gentlemen around to discuss austerity & Valin’s trust fund. RC +10


  • Overall, 7000 nuyen /month
    • Comforts: Middle
    • Entertainment: Middle
    • Necessities: High
    • Neighborhood: MIddle
    • Security: Middle
    • Positive Home Modifiers:
      • Well Made


Cira Rossi

Rossi Family Capo
Loyalty 1, Connections 4
Valin owes Cira some money, about 15k, to be precise. Cira intends to see that money paid back, even if it means bleeding Valin dry. But, she’s a businesswoman, and would rather see her investment grow, pay interest, and better yet, prove useful to her. To that end, Cira may throw the occasional job his way if her Family doesn’t want to be directly involved, or feed him some intel or equipment, if she can spare it. Of course, such generosity is added to the tab.

Detective Gordon Patrick

SCS Detective
Loyalty 4, Connections 4
Middle-aged, pudgy, and smart enough to look forward to the desk job that likely awaits his next promotion. Gordon gets to see his two kids during the summer, when his wife brings them up from Atlanta, but otherwise spends his spare time playing chess or drinking at Kelly’s Tavern over a game of cards.


Fixer with Corporate Interests
Loyalty 1, Connections 5
Though the whole group got to know Jeremiah, Treystan (known only as Johnny Moss to the massive troll) kept in touch and has occasionally thrown a bone or two Jeremiah’s way.


Loyalty 2, Connections 2
A seller of magical resources and musical instruments, Shira is a private woman who chooses not to give out her last (or, perhaps, real?) name to any of her clientele. Even those with whom she plays poker have yet to learn this basic information. A native of Israel, Shira has picked up Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian. In the back of her magical shop is an enchanting lab which she rents at a rate averaging 8% the value of the final product or 100 nuyen a day (whichever’s greater).


Throughout his youth, Treystan found ways to get into trouble. When he first awoke, Treystan used his new-found powers to prank his teachers. His parents, some of the few remaining landed British aristocrats, placed him in a small private school devoted to handling problem awakened children, nicely out of the way on the moors of Scotland. they saw him off to Cambridge after he scraped through finishing school.

Unfortunately, finishing school hadn’t quite turned him into a proper English gentleman as his parents had hoped and by his third year, Treystan’s tenure at Cambridge was in jeopardy when he was caught organizing illegal poker games. At the expense of significant social capital, the Garrett family again avoided disgrace, convincing the University to label the event an “unauthorized sociology experiment” and seeing Treystan put on academic probation in lieu of expulsion.

After completing a Bachelors in Metaphysics & Thaumaturgical Studies, Treystan was given a job with the Mlodinow Institute as a favor to his parents. There, Treystan helped produce magical elements both as a commercial product in themselves and in an attempt to link the inexplicable realities of the Awakening into quantum mechanics. Though the theory might seem interesting, the practice proved quite boring and by December 2071, Treystan resigned his position in disgust, disgracing his family name once more.

The Garrett family, loathe to have their reputation further sullied by their truculent child, established a trust fund to pay for Treystan’s living expenses and sent him to the CAS to “consider his use to the world”. As he boarded the plane for America, Treystan’s father gave him a final warning, if he somehow disgraces the family again, the privileges and status he currently enjoys will cease.

Treystan Garrett

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