Talbot James


Apparent Metatype: Human, Apparent Age: 19, Apparent Gender: Male

Known Cyberware

Gear & Rating Grade Quick Description Essence Cost
Commlink Basic Functions as an external commlink and communicates via DNI 0.1
Hot-Sim Module Basic Provides the necessary protocols and technology for the SimSense experience. 0.2
Skill Wires R? Beta Allows for the use of ActiveSofts. ?

Contact Data

Connections: 2

Contact of. . .

Nyura Loyalty 3
Favors Owed to Nyura
FR Reason Owed Favor

Favors Nyura Owes
FR Reason Owed Favor

Even as a child, James had a better understanding of code than people. As a result, he grew up brilliant, but awkward. Hiding behind his digital persona, on his home turf of the ’trix, he becomes more calm, more confident. He can keep on top of the rhetoric and argue effectively. Or, rain down a hell of Black IC on anyone who has the audacity to hack the nodes in his care. Or so the story goes on the security & government blog he runs at Channel 10.

His blog describes him as an anti-government capitalist, which is not to say he is an anarcho-capitalist. While he believes that the remaining vestiges of political power interfere with free trade and the exercise of an individual’s various and sundry rights; he would see all territory owned by corporations with every company enjoying the power to grant citizenship. In this sense, you could choose your “country” by choosing whom you worked for. Don’t like the rights Evo recognizes? Quit. Go join Ares. The trolls on his blog call him a corporatist, but what do they know?

Talbot James

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