Slim Shady

The Real Slim Shady. Loser Hacker in the 21st Century


Apparent Metatype: Human, Apparent Age: Mid-20’s, Apparent Gender: Emasculated Man
Current Status: MIA


Recent History

First Impressions

First encountered by the team in a porn / Classic Rap shop, Slim has done little to convince the party that he is anything better than what you’d find in a store that sells 12" dildos alongside songs by Lady Sovereign impersonators.

Notable Skills

None-the-less, he has demonstrated a modicum of hacking and rigging skills.

Relation to the Runners

The team left him locked in a box rigged to explode, so it’s reasonable to presume that he doesn’t much care for the group.


Little is known of the Hacker Known as Slim Shady, he worked as the hacker for a likely-defunct organlegger team led by Big Mike. However, his current where-abouts, employment, and goals are unknown.

Slim Shady

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