Scott Anderson


Apparent Metatype: human Apparent Age: 25 Apparent Gender: Male

Connections: 3

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Donavan Woods Loyalty 4
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Life is tough for a human growing up in the Ork ghetto simply knowns as the “20s” in Newport, even when your parents run the local free clinic. Scott dealt with the beatings by teaming up with whatever gangs and local toughs he could sway and letting them loose on his former tormentors.

Once he knew the right fellas in Newport, he positioned himself to control what he could of the drug and guns trade in the 20s, making himself a major player in the neighborhood. He has since moved on to a nicer neighborhood, getting himself a small house in historic Hilton, but he maintains his connections with the underbelly, a man’s got to eat, right?

Plots Involving Scott:
You’re Not Welcome Here

Scott Anderson

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