Saber Delmar

He awoke to an unfamiliar city skyline, to an body that is barely his own, and to a mind devoid of memories.



  • Real name Unknown
    • Nuyen (account): Unknown ¥
  • Saber-Delmar (Fake-SIN 4, Fake Firearms licence 4, Active)
    • Nuyen (account): 1000 ¥
  • Spas Fish (Runner call-sign, Active)

Metatype: Human Age: 28 Sex: Male
Physical Description: 6’1", short hair, wears it messy or small spikes, usually seen wearing shades to hide his cyber-eyes, most distinguishing feature are his dual semi-gloss black cyber arms, the full blown kind, hardware all the way up too and past the shoulder blade.

Total Karma: 7 Unspent Karma 7
Street cred: 0 Notoriety: 1 Public Awareness: 0

Basic Qualities

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes
Body 5 (Arms 5) Charisma 2 Edge 3 Current Edge 0
Agility 3 (Arms 9) Intuition 4 Initiative 7 Initiative Passes 2
Reaction 4 ( W.R. 5) Logic 3 Essence 1.04 Matrix Init 7
Strength 3 (Arms 8) Willpower 4 Magic: 0 Astral Init: N/A
Active Skills Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT
Automatics 4 AGI Dodge 4 REA Blade Design 4 LOG
Longarms 4 AGI Climbing 2 STR Gun Design 4 LOG
Throwing Weapon 2 AGI Running 2 STR Military Operations 3 LOG
Blades 4 AGI Swimming 2 STR Security Protocol 2 LOG
Unarmed Combat 2 AGI Intimidate 2 CHA Urban Warfare 2 LOG
Infiltration 2 AGI Perception 2 INT

Gymnastics 2 AGI

English N


Jeremiah rented a third-floor walk-up for Saber in South Brambleton. The place has two bedrooms and a den off the living/dining room. A small kitchen offers a fairly decent selection of soy foods and a large canister of french roast rests next to a battered coffee maker. The view from the patio grants an occasional glimpse of the turgid Elizabeth River, naval craft puttering up and down amongst the smaller leisure craft and fishing boats headed for deeper water. A pity the roof leaks when it rains, it could be a nice place.

The Willoughby Homes Complex, of which his new apartment is a part, features 24/7 security from the King-Tens gang, who seem to maintain several flophouses in the complex. Their customers are generally kept away from the inner portions of Willoughby Homes.

  • Overall Lifestyle: Low, 2600¥
    • Comforts: Middle
    • Entertainment: Low
    • Necessities: Middle
    • Neighborhood: Low
    • Security: Middle
    • Negative Neighborhood Modifiers:
      • Rough Neighborhood
      • Poor Condition

Saber Delmar

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