Nyura Skriabin



Name: Nyura Skriabin


  • Runner Name: Sanura
  • Kisa Rybin (Fake SIN 4, Fake Magic License 4, Active)
  • Nadya Tesar (Fake SIN 5)

Metatype: Human Age: 20 Sex: Female

Total Karma: 63 Current Karma: 43

Nuyen: ¥12,952

Basic Qualities

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes
Body 3 Charisma 3 Edge 3 Current Edge 3
Agility 3 Intuition 4 Initiative 7 Initiative Passes 1
Reaction 3 Logic 5 Essence 6 Matrix Init 7
Strength 2 Willpower 4 Magic: 4 Astral Init: 8
Active Skills Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT
Electronics Computer 2 Log Arcana 2 Log Who’s Who of Ghent 3 Int
Data Search 2 Log Assensing 2 Int Norfolk Spawl Magic Community 4 Int
Hardware 2 Log Etiquette 1 Cha Magic Theory 4 Log
Software 2 Log Hacking 2 Log Japanese Culture 3 Int
Sorcery Counterspelling 3 Mag Infiltration 3 Agi Eastern Occultism 2 Int
Ritual Spellcasting 3 Mag Locksmith 2 Agi Mythology 2 Log
Spellcasting 3 Mag Perception 2 Int Japanese Music 2 Int
Binding 4 Mag Pistols 1 Agi Matrix Games 3 Int
Summoning 4 Mag Shadowing 1 Int Anime/Manga 2 Int
              Operating Systems 1 Log
              NS Black Markets 1 Int
                (P)Spirit Archetypes 3 Log
                English N  
                Japanese 4 Int
                (P)Russian 4 Int


Combat Spells
Manabolt (Direct) SR4A, p.204
Type: Mana Range: LOS Damage Type Physical Duration Instant Drain (Force/2)
Detection Spells
Analyze Truth (Active, Directional) SR4A, p.206
Type: Mana Range: T Duration Sustained Drain (Force/2)
Detect Individual (Active, Area) SR4A, p.206
Type: Mana Range: T Duration Sustained Drain (Force/2)-1
Detect Magic Extended (Active, Extended Area) SR4A, p.207
Type: Mana Range: T Duration Sustained Drain (Force/2)+2
Health Spells
Illusion Spells
Improved Invisibility (Realistic, Single-Sense) SR4A, p.209
Type: Physical Range: LOS Duration Sustained Drain (Force/2)+1
Orgy (Realistic, Single-Sense, Area) SM, p.171
Type: Mana Range: LOS (A) Duration Sustained Drain (Force/2)
Stealth (Realistic, Single-Sense) SR4A, p.209
Type: Physical Range: LOS Duration Sustained Drain (Force/2)+1
Manipulation Spells

Weapons and Armor

Colt America L36 Type: Light Pistol Availability: 4R Cost: 150 nuyen
DV: 4P AP: Range: ? Mode: SA RC:


Ammo: 11© Type: ? Reloads: ? Notes:

Armor: Ballistic/Impact
Armor Vest 6/4

Lined Coat 6/4


Name Description Source Cost
Magician Chaos Magic Tradition SR4A, p. 91 15 BP
Focused Concentration Rx1 +1 dice pool modifier for all Drain Tests SR4A, p. 91 15 BP
Mentor Spirit Cat +2 dice pool modifier for Illusion Spells +2 dice pool modifier to Infiltration SR4A, p. 92 5 BP
Analytical Mind +2 dice pool modifier to any Logic Tests involving pattern recognition, evidence analysis, clue hunting, or solving puzzles. Also provides +2 dice pool modifier to any Data Search and Software Tests RC, p. 96 5 BP
Distinctive Style She has bright violet cat eyes wears almost exclusively Steampunk Garb and has Bright violet stripes in her hair. RC, p. 103 +5 BP
Media Junkie (moderate) She will be spending a lot of her free time on the matrix UN, p. 37 +10 BP
Allergy Moderate: Rats Keep away from Rats SR4A, p. 94 +15 BP
In Debt(1) In Dept for 5,000 Nuyen RC, p. 105 +5 BP


Rents a Townhouse in Ghent and has a Force 4 Magical Lodge

  • High, 10,000 nuyen /month
    • Comforts: Middle
    • Entertainment: Middle
    • Necessities: High
    • Neighborhood: Middle
    • Security: Middle
    • Positive Modifiers
      • Privacy Screen (+2)
      • Wellmade (+1)
      • Concerned Neighbors (+2)
      • Easygoing Land Lord (+1)
    • Negative Modifiers:
      • Living by Committee (-2)


Cira Rossi

Mafia Capo
Loyalty 1 Connections 4

When things went bad for Nyura, she had to borrow some money from a local go-gang. Making matters worse, the gang was run out of the area and now some girl named Cira Rossi claims Nyura owes her 7500 nuyen, and she has the muscle to back up the claim.

Loyalty 3 Connections 3

Malphas keeps himself to himself, though Nyura has pestered him enough that she’s made it past the border guards, only to find an army, moat, and massive castle providing defense to Malphas’ personal life. However, he will buy almost anything magic related, no questions asked; and sell you anything, too, no questions asked. Malphas operates out of a van, preferring mobility and right-to-your-door service over the space offered by a traditional store. Just don’t ask to see his business license.
Talbot James

Channel 10 Spider and Government Security Blogger
Loyalty 3 Connections 2

Though they dated a few times, things never really “clicked” between Talbot & Kisa. But, they’re still friends and she even follows his blog on government security! Sometimes, she calls him, though usually about working for a Horizon subsidiary, maybe a fourth date and another chance aren’t that far away, after all. . .

Nyura’s grandparents emigrated from the Ukraine, along with her young father. Her mother was born in the states. Both sides of the family had always been poor, and her parents were no exception. Nyura’s father refused to discuss business at home and was often away for weeks at at time. When asked, he all he would say was that he worked in international sales. At home, he was always attentive and loving. Her mother, on the other hand, found the loneliness oppressive and the struggle of raising a child by herself too much. She hid her problems by drinking, always plastering on enough of a happy face and upbeat attitude when Nyura’s father was home, but negligent of the home and Nyura when he was away.

The week of Nyura’s 16th birthday, her mother came to her and told her that father wouldn’t be coming back from this business trip, and they would have to move. Nyura and her mother were moved into an efficiency studio apartment in a bad neighborhood that same week, from their reasonable 2 bedroom apartment in what was, if not a “nice” neighborhood, at least a safe one.

When Malphas first met Nyura, she was living on the streets.

Nyura Skriabin

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