Mr. Book

It might be best to let Mr. Book handle it...


Apparent Metatype: Human, Apparent Age: Late 40’s, Apparent Gender: Male
A tall black man in a tuxedo, the light gleams from his shaved head. When he talks, he occasionally takes a moment to shift the seemingly antique spectacles perched on his nose.

Connections ?


Partner of Book & Hegel, LLC, Mr. Book chooses not to specialize in a particular practice, instead offering sound legal advice and counsel in all legal affairs. Due to the arcane laws governing the legal practice in the CAS, Book & Hegel also provides legal services for European clients of Slaughter & May, a prominent British law firm, as relates to CAS matters.

Book’s book of business is known to include such notables as the Clarks, Klimek family, and the Stracci’s,

Additionally, on behalf of Slaughter & May, Mr. Book represents the Durrant and Garrett families with regards to matters in the CAS and UCAS.

Mr. Book

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