Minor NPC

A compilation of characters who just never made it far in life. The waitresses, low-lifes, and bus-boys of the world.


Minor NPCs should be considered to have Average (2-3 +Metatype) Attributes and a skill rating of 3-4 in appropriate skills.

Minor NPCs have no Edge to speak of, they gain this when they move up in the world to the level of “plot relevant”, when they spontaneously develop a more fleshed out character sheet.

Minor NPCs should be treated as having a Connection rating of 0 or 1 in the event that it should ever be relevant. Minor NPCs should not be used to meet new people without running it by me first.


Minor NPCs:

  • Paolo Scordato
    Self-described thespian and part-time bartender at Marvinos. Always spends his time on shift developing his “character” for Shakespeare’s comedies.

Minor NPC

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