Keiko Ichigawa

Gunslinger Adept



Name: Keiko Ichigawa


  • Kaori Watanabe (Rating 4 Fake SIN, Rating 4 Fake licenses)
    • Account: 15047 ¥
  • Muriko Murata

Runner Name: Kiku

Metatype: Elf Age: 20 Sex: Female

Karma: 73 Current Karma: 13
Street Cred: 4 Notoriety: 2 Public Awareness: 2

Basic Qualities

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes
Body 3 Charisma 4 Edge 4 Current Edge 4
Agility 5 Intuition 3 Initiative 7 (9) Initiative Passes 1(3)
Reaction 4 (6) Logic 3 Essence 6 Matrix Init 7
Strength 2 Willpower 3 Magic: 5 Astral Init:
Active Skills Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT
Athletics Climbing 3 Str Firearms Automatics 4 Agi Norfolk Sprawl Yakuza 3 Int
Gymnastics 3 Str Longarms 4 Agi History 2 Log
Running 3 Str Pistols (Heavy +2) 4 Agi Literature 2 Log
Swimming 3 Str Unarmed Combat 3 Agi Firearms History 2 Log
Influence Con 4 Cha Dodge 1 Rea Firearms Design 4 Log
Etiquette 4 Cha Perception (Visual +2) 3 Int Japanese N

Leadership 4 Cha Pilot Groundcraft 1 Rea English N

Negotiation 4 Cha Intimidation 2 Cha Sperethiel 5 Int

The Gear


Name Description Source Cost

RC, p. 96 5 BP

SR4A, p. 91 5 BP

SR4A, p. 93 5 BP

SR4A, p. 90 10 BP

SR, p. 91 5 BP
High Pain Tolerance

SR, p. 91 5 BP
Enemy Her father’s murder wants to have her killed. He fears that she will come back and reclaim her position. RC, p. 104 +10 BP
In Debt (1) Keiko owes the Irish Mob 7500 nuyen for helping her set up after her oust from the Yakuza. RC 105 +5 BP
Thrill Seeker

RC, p. 107 5 BP: Bought off for 10 Karma
Signature She leaves chrysanthemum at the scene of the run. RC, p. 109 10 BP


  • Middle, 4,400 nuyen /month
    • Comforts: Middle
    • Entertainment: Low
    • Necessities: Middle
    • Neighborhood: Low
    • Security: High

Spending (Month of August)
2000 Anti-Theft
2500 Vehicle Tag Eraser
0200 Gecko Grip mod (2 Guns)
1000 Payment to Mob
0005 Slim Shady LQ Disc
0100: Survival Gear
0140 x4 : Per night at Bed and Breakfast
0015: Real Hunting License
0800: Ruger 100
0150: 30 rounds of EXPLOSIVE AMMO for Ruger 100
0100: 1 clip APDS AMMO
0025: Credstick
0250: Remington Roomsweeper
0004: Guitar strap for Ruger 100
0200: Repairs for apartment
1800: Instructions for Dodge and Heavy Pistols
0282: Stick-n-shock ammo 40 rounds
1936: Full body armor (softweave)
0678: Lined Coat (softweave)
0145: Helmet (softweave)
0120: Forearm Guards (softweave)
0145: Shin Guards (softweave)

Spending for September
4400: Rent
1000: Payment to Mob


Hiroshi Akimoto

Mafia Consiglieri, Loyalty 6, Connections 4

He watched her grow up. Being the Lawyer to her father he was devoted to her Yakuza family. However, with the death of her father he went and joined the ally of her Yakuza. He still tries to aid and give her information when possible.

Keegan Lynch

Irish Mademan, Loyalty 1, Connections 2

Meaning no disrespect, but rather, as a symbol of the trust between fellow organized criminals, Flynn O’Malley has assigned the task of collecting on Keiko’s debt to Keegan Lynch. Keegan, or KL for short, is a low-ranking mobster living in Lockhaven, just down the street from Keiko, making regular meetings a fairly simple thing.

Anthony “Black Tony” Stracci

Mafia Capo, Loyalty 1, Connections 3

Flirtatious, loquacious, and various other "ious"es have been used to describe “Black Tony”, and Kiku’s reciprocation has earned her a commcode with which to get in touch with the classy gangster.


Her Family/Heritage

Keiko, born of an Elvish mother, Kaori Ichigawa, and a human father, Takahiro Ichigawa, is of Japanese heritage. Her mother died when she was 12 due to an “accident”, she believes that her mother may have been murdered. However, her father raised her as if she was a son. She was in training to be the next leader for the Ichigawa Yakuza. Keiko was raised and groomed to be a dynamic leader. It was due to this that she is both stubborn and impulsive, she resembles her father in this regard.

Her father was proud of her. However, he does regret that she was not born human and a human. However, by the time he realized that the mother was an posing as a human it was too late. He loves her.

Why she runs

It was a week before her exams for University. She was studying in the library when she got a message on her comm. It was Tachigawa and he sounded frantic. “Your father he was murdered by Hayato Yamamoto.” She hears a scream, some gun shots, and the phone goes silent. Unable to go back home she finds ways to make a living and the best way would be shadowrunning. It is also through shadowrunning she will hone her skills to kill Yamamoto and gain her position as the leader (Oyabun) of the Ichigawa Yakuza.

Her Lifestyle/Beliefs

Her living space is clean and modest. It has a fairly traditional Japanese decoration. She also has a shrine for grieving for her father and mother.

She is not religious in terms of organized religions. She goes to festivals and goes her religious beliefs when they suit her best at the time.

Her Personality

She is incredibly head strong. She does not give in when it is against her principles. She also tends to rush into action with no warning.

Her wishlist/working towards purchasing
Rover Model 2068 Nuyen cost: 25,000
– Off-road suspension (standard upgrade)
– Passenger Protection 2 (standard upgrade)
– Anti-theft system 2 (standard upgrade)
– Amenities (high) (standard upgrade)
– vehicle tag eraser
– Smart Tires
– Spoof chip

Keiko Ichigawa

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