JC Louis

Experienced Runner, Escaped Engineer



  • JC Louis (Fake CASSIN 4, Active)
    • Nuyen: 19004¥
  • Timothy Faulk (Fake CASSIN 6, Active, Horizon)
    • P2.0 Account

Metatype: Human Age: 29 Sex: M
Physical Description: Long jet black hair, heavily oiled and slicked back. Neutral Complexion. Well groomed.

Total Karma: 73 Current Karma: 33
Street Cred: 4, Notoriety: 0, Public Awareness: 1

Basic Qualities

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes
Body 2 Charisma 3 Edge 3 Current Edge 3
Agility 3 Intuition 5 Initiative 9 Initiative Passes 17
Reaction 4 Logic 54 Essence 5.22 Matrix Init 11 (+1 hot)
Strength 2 Willpower 3 Magic: - Astral Init: -
Active Skills Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Skill Name Spec RTG ATT Skill Name Spec RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT
Electronics   2   Cracking   2   Security Design 4 Logic
—Computer   - Logic —CybCmbt   - Logic Security Procedure 4 Logic
—DataSearch4   - Logic —ElecWar   - Logic Engineering 4 Logic
—Hardware2   - Logic —Hacking   - Logic Biology 2 Logic
—Software4   - Logic Locksmith6   1 Agility Chemistry 1 Logic
Influence   2   Cybertechnology2   6 Logic Architecture 4 Logic
—Con   - Charisma Infiltration Urban 4 Agility Who’s Who Cybertech 4 Intuition
—Etiquette   - Charisma Longarms3 Sniper Rifles 1 Agility Firearm Design 4 Logic
—Leader   - Charisma Perception1 , 8   4 Intuition Armor Design 4 Logic
—Negotiate   - Charisma Medicine Cybersurgery 2 Logic Med Facilities 1 Intuition
Armorer2 Infiltrate 4 Logic Climbing5   1 Strength      
Dodge8   1 Reaction Pilot Ground Craft8   1 Reaction      

1 +3 Dice Visual (Visual Enhance, Cybereyes), +3 Dice Audio (Audio Enhance, Earbuds), +2 Dice Audio Source (Spatial Recognizer, Earbuds)

2 +2 when using Microscopic Vision from Cybereyes when relevant

3 Can use scope/cyber-magnification to reduce range to short with 1 Take Aim (no other bonus); +2 dicepool from smartlink.

4 +2 dice pool for patterns, evidence analysis, clue hunting, puzzles, data search, software tests

5 When using Gecko Tape Glove counts as assisted. When using Rappelling gloves +2 to test to hold onto rope.

6 Add Autopick rating to dice pool when used

7 +1 pass in Matrix, +2 passes in Matrix hot

8 +2 while jumped into any rig


HK PSG Enforcer (F) Damage: 7P AP -3 SemiAuto Recoil Compensation 3 (Bipod: 5) 12×2 Rnd Mag
Builtin SmartGun System®
Shock Pad (RC built in above)
Made of Plasteel Level 1 (F)
Chameleon Coating®
Silencer (F)
4 spare magazines (6 total) 2xExExplosive (12/12), 4xStandard (12/12)
Colt M24A3 Water Carbine (F) Damage: 5P AP – SA/BF Recoil Compension 0 30×2 Rnd Mag
Chameleon Suit® Ballistic: 6 Impact: 4
Nonconductive (Rating 4)
Thermal Damping (Rating 5) (F)
Grapple Gun® Catalyst Stick (F)
15 meters Stealth Rope (F)
Respirator (4)
Card Copier (4) (F)
Glove Molder (3) (F)
Autopick (6)®
Climbing Gear
Rappelling Gloves
Ear Buds Audio Enhancement 3
Spatial Recognizer
Gecko Tape Gloves
Wire clippers
Equipment Stored at Home
Full Cyberware Facility
CrashCart CommLink Response: 2 Signal: 2 OS (Firewall: 2 System: 2)
Area Cranial Bomb (F)
Removed Internal Commlink 4/4 Operating System From Ms Johnson’s Sister
Horizon Ally Commlink Response 3, Signal 3 Android v6.7: Firewall (Optimized 1) 4, System 3
477 meters Stealth Rope
150 Rnds Ammo for PSG Enforcer
1x Rnd Grenade for 1/4" Launcher
5 Rnds ExExplosive Ammo (F) for PSG Enforcer
Spygear Googles
Drones & Vehicles
Suzuki Mirage Bike Sensors: 3 Rigger Adaptation
Lone Star Strato-9 +2 Handling, 5/20 Accel, 100 Speed, 2 Pilot, 3 Body, 1 Armor, 4 Sensor
Obsolescent, ECM 2, Improved Takeoff/Landing 2
Reinforced Weapon Mount (AK97) (External, Flexible, Remote): 7P Damage, -1 AP, SA/BF/FA, belt fed

Equipment Held for Party

Sim module Implant
Ultrasound Sensor Implant
Full Right Arm (Obvious, Troll-sized, α) Customized Body 7 (total body 10)
Customized Strength 5 (total strength 8)
Strength Enhancement 4
retractable spur
Full Left Arm (Obvious, Troll-sized, β) Customized Body 7 (total body 10)
Customized Strength 5 (total strength 8)
cyber grenade launcher
Cyberears (Troll-sized, α1) Audio Enhancement 3
Radio Sensor (α4)
Innoculations [Malaria] (5 doses), Apprx Val: 200/dose
Trauma Patches (5)
Medkit Resupplies (6)
Various Pharmaceuticals


Commlink (β) Singularity BattleBuddy BASIC (Response: 5 Signal: 5)®
Novatech Navi OS (Firewall: 3 System: 4)
Modified For Hotsim (F)
CyberEyes (β4) Flare Compensation
LowLight Vision
Protective Covers
Vision Enhancement 3
Microscopic Vision
DataJack (β)
Control Rig (β)


Analyze 3
Browse 3
Command 3
Edit 3
Scan 3
Exploit 3
Stealth 3
Programming Suite 2


Name Description Source Cost
Aptitude Cyberware May raise Cyberware to 7 for for 14 Karma SR4A -10
Biocompatability (Cyber/Nanoware) Body is unusually accepting of changes. Essence cost of cyberware reduced by 10% Augmentation -10
Erased JC’s records disappear at an astonishing rate, like he never existed. Undesirable references to his SINs, the SINs themselves, bad credit history, personal information, etc. on the Matrix is burned within 24 hours. Sometimes the system performing this may be overzealous, for example deleting holding records while JC is being held. SR4A -10
Analytical Mind JC has an unusually quick mind, and is able to deduce and analyze things at an amazing pace. He gets bonuses to Logic, Data Search, and Software tests as appropriate Runner’s Companion -5
Low Pain Tolerance Particularly sensitive to pain. -1 wound modifier every 2 wounds instead of 3 SR4A +10
Wanted JC is being hunted by the facility he fled from. They want him back and the equipment (both inside him and that he took in his escape). Anyone aware of this bounty may hunt JC. Runner’s Companion +10
Allergy, Mild, Soy -2 Dice pool after consuming substance with soy SR4A +10
Mysterious Implant JC has an implant of which he is unaware, potentially hidden in another of his implants Runner’s Companion +5


  • Overall 8,000 nuyen/mth
  • PAID THROUGH End of October 2072
    • Comforts Low
    • Entertainment Low
    • Necessities Middle
    • Neighborhood Low
    • Security High
    • Positive Home Modifiers:
      • Escape Tunnel
      • Free Matrix Access
      • Homegrown Farming
      • Workspace
    • Negative Home Modifiers
      • No Forwarding Address

JC lives in a converted office complex in Tuscany. Having rented out a former Dental office it has been converted into an underground cybernetics lab. The whole complex is in a fairly safe neighborhood with extensive security assets (automated and metahuman). As an even bigger bonus, security asks few questions about the businesses under their watch. JC has converted the roof into a makeshift greenhouse, growing ‘real’ foods for his special diet needs and the occasional trade (esp. for real meat).
Internally JC has set up a large number of cybernetic fabrication tools and pieces, rivaling many above-board shops — though specialized pieces are something he’s still looking to fill out. There is also a decent enough set of medical supplies to deal with the installation and repair of cybernetics, bioware, and other enhancements.
The rest of the complex is a maze of small internal offices with strange layouts and corners, conversions of dozens of previous tenants stacked on top of one another. These modifications are not questioned by the land’s owner, who is used to hosting those living somewhat underground lives — so long as the rent comes in. Unfortunately the constant tenant switching means that it is not rare that a collector comes knocking looking for a previous occupant, counteracting this though is the bonus of a large number of open nodes being available from both current tenants and previous ones that the provider never bothered disconnecting.


Mahinder Lakdawala, Street Doc
Adam Matheson, Insider Scientist
Ms Johnson, Mr Johnson

Known Exploits

Ruth Chris Steakhouse – Hidden Security Account
Chanello’s Pizza – Hidden Admin Account
CrashCart – Hidden Admin Account
Dr Ivanov – Hidden Admin Account


JC has been a shadowrunner since his early teens, having no SIN and a penchant for getting into places he shouldn’t he took to the role naturally. At first his jobs were mostly hired out: covert smash-grabs or other forms of information theft. It wasn’t long, though, before JC was reading through the papers he was ‘liberating’ and noticing that there were things his employers were missing that were far more valuable.

JC started doing independent runs, gathering prototype schematics for cybertech, biotech, and even cutting edge nanotech. He learned his own way around the technology and made himself wealthy from selling the data to the highest bidder. As he sold this data, however, he attracted the attention of an unknown group of power brokers running a secret research program on cutting edge cybertech. Military? MegaCorp? To this day JC doesn’t know, but the money was too good to pass up.

After accepting the job he found himself working in a combination of lab work and shadow work. Stealing data from every major player, then combining the techniques in the lab with world class scientists. Due to his unique role in acquisition, it was decided that he would be test subject as well:
His internal biochemistry was altered to allow for maximum acceptance of the modifications, his eyes fitted with cutting edge replacements, his infiltration wet suit built to bond with his biology and hide even signs of heat and respiration. A rifle was built to his precise profile, modified with cutting edge, undetectable parts. A nearly unlimited budget backed his every operation. It was a runner’s dream.

Then… something happened. JC isn’t sure what, but memory holes and missing time started happening with frequent regularity. In hidden corners JC would find hidden notes, written in his hand writing and addressed to himself. It quickly became apparent that something else was in the works, and it was clearly time to get out.

Taking all the tech he could, he made his escape and ran from the lab deep in the UCAS until he found his way into Virginia. Unfortunately, signs are that he’s still being searched for by his former ‘employers’, and any nation or megacorp he shelters in offers little protection. Luckily, JC seems to have made preperations he doesn’t remember: something is causing all of his activities to blip off of records almost immediately after they’re recorded.

Finally thinking he’s shaken them, he has settled into an old office complex in Tuscany. He’s been able to set up a garden and run a silent ‘street doc’ operation where he can put all the techniques he learned to use. He’s also introduced himself to Mahinder Lakdawala, an eccentric doctor well known, in the right circles, for working with brain issues.

Unfortunately, cutting edge implants are of a somewhat limited demand, and without any other regular work it is time for JC to go back to running in the shadows that he started in. Luckily, now he’s bringing not just his considerable talents but also some incredibly sophisticated gear — finding work should not pose a problem.


  • Settle down into current workspace, fill out with equipment for more permanent street doc-ing
  • Improve Medical Skills, also start gather knowledge and equipment for bio-engineered mods
  • Get stable work with a group runners, preferably doing work that won’t expose his location to his pursuers.
  • Reveal the nature of his former employers, unlock blocked memories of what projects he was working on

JC Louis

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