Hayato Yamamoto

Double-dealing Yakuza Oyabun


Apparent Metatype: Human,     Apparent Age: 27,     Apparent Gender: Male

Enemy Information

Connections 6

Keiko Ichigawa     Incidence 4


Hayato rose to power swiftly in the Ichigawa-gumi under Oyabun Takahiro. As a member of the “Old School” philosophy that emphasized feudal Japanese traditions, Hayato pushed Takahiro to adopt him as son, name him heir and ally the gumi with the Shotozumi-Rengo.

Insulted by suck a demand, made publicly, Takahiro not only rejected Hayato, but rebuked him before the whole gumi, denouncing him and naming his elven daughter, Keiko, as his heir apparent. Unfortunately, though this silenced Hayato then, Takahiro underestimated how wide-spread the traditional sentiment had spread through his gumi. Within a week, Hayato had convinced over half of the shategashira and Kumi-in to support him in toppling Takahiro.

When Hayato reached Takahiro, the elderly Oyabun proffered no words, only the steel of his blade. Laughing, Hayato Yamamoto shot him dead even as the Oyabun crossed the room. Hayato claimed the daisho that had been carried by the Ichigawa family for centuries.

Though Hayato had succeeded in taking control of the gumi, the Wakagashira, Tachigawa, was able to warn Keiko of her father’s ill fate. Forewarned, Keiko was able to avoid the hit-squad Hayato sent after her at her dormitory.

Plots Involving Hayato

A Matter of Honor

Hayato Yamamoto

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