Donavan Woods

Scout Motto - Be Prepared


Donavan Woods is a man who helps those who are unable to help themselves. This goes from carrying groceries for an old lady to helping a someone who is about to get mugged. He believes that the strong should use their strength to help the weak, not abuse them, even if it means going outside the law to do so.


Name: Donavan Woods
Street Cred: 8, Noteriety: 3, Public Awareness: 3

→Runner Name: Donny
→ Frank Castel(tied with Fake Sin and Fake Licenses rank 4)
→ Robert Nicholas Demetry(tied with Fake Sin and Fake Licenses rank 6)

Metatype: Ork Age: 25 Sex: Male

Karma: 91 Current Karma: 4

Nuyen: 14130Y 2 gold bars

Attributes and Skills

Physical Attributes Mental Attributes Special Attributes
Body 4 Charisma 3 Edge 4 Current Edge 4
Agility 5 Intuition 3 Initiative 7 Initiative Passes 1
Reaction 4 Logic 4 Essence 6 Matrix Init 6 (2)
Strength 4 Willpower 3 Magic 5
Active Skills Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT Skill Name RTG ATT
Firearms Automatics
4 AGL Heavy Weapons
3 AGL Blade Design 3 LOG
4 AGL Thrown Weapons 2 AGL Firearm Design 4 LOG
4 AGL Archery 2 AGL Chemistry 2 LOG
Close Combat Blades 3 AGL Demolitions 3 LOG Engineering 4 LOG
Clubs 3 AGL Dodge 3 REA Gun Trivia 2 LOG
Unarmed 3 AGL Perception 1* Int English N
Mechanic Aeronautics 2 LOG Negotiation 2 CHA Italian 3
Automotive 2 LOG Cybernetics 2 LOG
Industrial 2 LOG Armorer 5 LOG
Nautical 2 LOG Chemist

*(+3 to audio perception)


Name Description Source Cost
Latent Awakening DESCRIPTION SM p.25 5
Ambidextrous DESCRIPTION SH4 p.90 5
Lucky DESCRIPTION SH4 p.91 20
Enemy [connection 3/incidence2] DESCRIPTION RC p.104 -5
In Debt [10k] DESCRIPTION RC p.105 -10
Allergy [Mild, Seawater] DESCRIPTION SH4 p.94 -10
Hung out to Dry DESCRIPTION RC p.105 -10

Donavan’s Massive Stash


Donavan lives in a neighborhood controlled by the Mafia. His living arrangments were set up in the neighborhood inside a warehouse which was modified to be a Armorer Facility. One of the stipulations for the setup is that Donavan will lend his considerable skill in making/repairing/upgrading armor and weapons to the Mafia until his debt is repaid, at which point he will continue lending his services for a reduced rate in return for continued security.

  • Middle, 6000 /month
    • Comforts: low
    • Entertainment: Low
    • Necessities: Low
    • Neighborhood: Medium
    • Security: High
    • Positive Community Modifiers:
      • Workplace (Armorer Facility)
      • Feng Shui
      • Escape Tunnel
    • Negative Community Modifiers:
      • Trigger Happy Landlord
      • Living by committee
      • AI in Residence


Marcello Corleone

Arms Dealer, Loyalty 3, Connections 2

They were introduced by Scott, Marcello needed to find someone able to modify a shipment of weapons and Donavan was the best man Scott knew for the job. For the delivery of the upgraded guns, Marcello had decided to recruit Donavan as a guard. During the swap at the abandoned Ford Motors plant, a group of mercs, too well armed to be anything other than errand boys for a megacorp, broke in to try and confiscate the illegal shipment from both of the parties involved. During the ensuing gun fight, Donavan proved to be the decisive factor that gave Marcello and his men the chance to clear out with the money and minimal casualties.

Ever since this incident Marcello has always requested Donavan’s services when he needs an extra gunman or gear modifications. After such jobs they would go out for a few drinks at Marvinos to celebrate.

Alana “Shadow” Troy

Mercenary, Loyalty 3, Connections 2

Donavan met Alana through Scott during the Florida Skirmishes. She was looking for someone to take care of a problem that her superiors wouldn’t address, which Scott knew was right up Donavan’s alley. Donavan accomplished the task in one shot, but his position quickly became compromised as an enemy patrol happened to walk by. In an effort to evade the patrol, Donavan jumped into the river. The current swept him out into the basin where he had to drop his Barret Model 121 heavy sniper rifle in the water to keep from drowning, even then it was sheer luck that he managed to make it ashore.

Donavan and Alana have continued to work together various shadowruns that Scott has arranged. During such interactions, Donavan likes to joke about how Alana should go find his gun and Alana jokes about how he should learn to swim.

She will sometimes go for a drink or two with Scott and Donavan on the weekends at Marvinos.

Scott Anderson

Fixer, Loyalty 4, Connections 3

A good friend of Donavan’s from his early teen years. They first met on the streets when Scott had been abushed by a group of human-hating orc thugs. Donavan was on his way home from his local job at a fast food restaurant when he saw the commotion. Seeing the frail human surrounded and knowing the rep of the thugs, Donavan raced to his side to defend him from what was sure to be a fatal beat down. Although he was badly injured, Donavan managed to “persuade” the thugs that the human wasn’t worth their time. Scott’s parents were doctors so he took Donavan back to his place to have his wounds tended to. From that point onward, both boys became good friends.

As adults they tend to hang out at the local bar on weekends.

Anthony “Black Tony” Stracci

Mafia Capo, Loyalty 3, Connections 3

Black Tony is the only person still talking to Donavan, and that’s mostly because they have a convenient arrangement. Tony’s crew arranged Donavan’s current living quarters, Donavan occasionally builds a custom weapon for Tony’s crew. Also, Donavan owes the man 15k nuyen, Tony doesn’t walk away from money like that.


Donovan Woods grew up in the ork ghetto in Newport. He was instilled with a sense of morality early on by his parents (rare for an ork family) and that has continued to guide him to this day. By growing up in the ghetto, Donavan learned how to use everything around him as a weapon, even his opponents. He never learned how to swim very well since he is allergic to seawater and the local youth center didn’t include a pool.

He went to trade school where he learned how to make, customize, and repair just about anything. In order to pay for it he would do shadowruns that his friend Scott would provide. He excelled in armor and weapons and graduated top of his class.

In an effort to apply his training, Donavan took up a job as an armorer with the Anthony “Black Tony” Stracci, of the Rossi Family. In exchange for the setup of a facility and living arrangements, Donavan would provide his services for Black Tony and his crew.


Social Goals

  1. Figure out how to rectify the issue with shadow and the others.
  2. Get out of debt, back burner due to security perks

Gear Goals

  1. Design a new, Build the child-size body for Z5 so that she can stop living in her mind.
  2. Get a new 50 cal sniper rifle
  3. Get the HK XM30 and mod it out the ass
  4. Design the “Donny’s Special” (based off ruger warhawk design)
  5. Make “iron man” suit

Shit List Goals

  1. Share a “special” present with Mr. Wild West Johnson.
  2. Share a “special” present with Vincent for fucking with Dony’s friends.
  3. Share a “special” present with Big Mike. he is lying low
  4. Find slim shady and scare the shit out of him. not doing so well

Donavan Woods

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