Daniel Sanford

Young Mage-Errant


Apparent Race: Human, Apparent Age: 23, Apparent Gender: Male

Noteworthy Qualities

Hermetic Wizard
Daniel is a traditional Hermetic wizard who focuses his efforts on binding and manipulating spirits. Though, judging from their willingness to serve him, Daniel treats his spirits well.

Contact Data

Connections: ?

The Party Loyalty 1
Favors Owed to the Party
FR Reason Owed Favor
Favors the Party Owes
FR Reason Owed Favor
4 Daniel assisted the party with the capture of David Creek before 66 High could burn down Delilah’s Bed & Breakfast.  

Little is known of Daniel Sanford, except that he pursues the mystical adept Faust at the behest of an organization known as The Fraternal Order of Magic.

Daniel Sanford

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