Cira Rossi

Mafia Capo and loan shark.


Apparent Metatype Human, Apparent Age 23, Apparent Gender Female

Connections 4

Contact of. . .

Treystan Garrett Loyalty 1
Favors Owed to Treystan
FR Reason Owed Favor
Favors Treystan Owes
FR Reason owed Favor
Nyura Skriabin Loyalty 1
Favors Owed to Nyura
FR Reason Owed Favor
Favors Nyura Owes
FR Reason Owed Favor

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Capo of Ghent Operations for the Rossi family, Cira tends to keep her private life carefully hidden from view, preferring to meet people in public places and keeping the small talk to a minimum. If she has any ambitions of advancement, she keeps them as quiet as her private life, seemingly content with her lot as a small-time boss in a secluded neighborhood.

Most of her operation is geared towards vice, though the Rossi family has kept well clear of BTLs and drugs, leaving them with simple prostitution and gambling. She also keeps a finger or two on area fences and talisleggers.

The presence of the Ghent Homeowner’s Association makes any attempt at a protection racket impractical, if not downright suicidal. Since Cira keeps most of her crime in the area of relatively clean vice, the GHA seems content to leave her be.

Cira Rossi

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