Anthony "Black Tony" Stracci


Apparent Metatype: Elf, Apparent Age: 24, Apparent Gender: Male

Connections 3

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Donavan Loyalty 3
Favors Owed to Donavan
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Favors Donavan Owes
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Kiku Loyalty 3
Favors Owed to Kiku
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Favors Kiku Owes
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A dapper young elf, Anthony manages to combine an irresistible zest for life which draws his cohorts into the various schemes he tends to cook up. This energy has caused him to butt heads with the older, “wiser”, members of the Rossi family. In an attempt to take a longer and calmer view of things, the Rossis gave Black Tony the job of defending their little piece of Tuscany.

Black Tony has taken on this new responsibility whole-heartedly, somehow bringing a skilled weaponsmith to the payroll. He has followed this up by ensuring that his men stick out from the rest with a. . . uniform, of sorts. Each man in Anthony’s crew wears a custom-fitted, black Zoe suits with a red vest and red kerchief in the breast pocket, monofilament sword and Ruger Super Warhawk revolver completing the ensemble. To ensure that these well dressed men and women aren’t all looks, Black Tony is known to drill them regularly on urban warfare tactics and various methods of close combat.

Anthony "Black Tony" Stracci

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