Alana "Shadow" Troy

Professional sniper for hire


Apparent Metatype: Elf, Apparent Age: 26, Apparent Gender: Female

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Donavan Loyalty 3
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A former recon sniper in the CAS Marines, Alana was booted from the Corps after accusations arrose regarding her CO’s death. She had filed a complaint against him for sexual harassment two months prior, this complaint was thrown out after a cursory review of her CO’s record. The CO was dropped with a single .50 calibre round in the Everglades during the Florida Skirmishes. Two of Alana’s squad-mates testified that she had been with them at the time.

With little evidence to convict, the brass settled for showing Alana the door with an Other than Honorable Discharge. Since that time, Alana has made her living providing various employers with the ability to reach out and touch someone they don’t like.

Plots Involving Shadow:
You’re Not Welcome Here

Alana "Shadow" Troy

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