Adam Sampson


Apparent Metatype: Human, Apparent Age: 21, Apparent Gender: Male

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Dr. Adam Sampson, who earned his Ph.D. in software architecture from MITT in the late 2060’s at the age of 16 is something of a prodigy. During JC’s time in the research facility, Adam wrote the code that supported half the cyberware JC developed.

However, Adam divides the human race into only two categories: “Mappers” and “Packers”.

The great unwashed, ignorant masses of the world are what he calls “Packers”. These people only learn facts and formulae, plus whatever lies they are fed. They pack knowledge into their skulls until they find something that doesn’t fit their preconceived world view. This data is unceremoniously dumped back out, without a moment’s thought.

On the other side of the scale are the “Mappers”, who keep the entire system running, or at least, circling the drain more slowly. These are the thinkers flexible enough to “map” between points of data to draw ever new conclusions and synthesize a world-view that adapts to all testable knowledge acquired.

For people whom Adam considers to be in this latter category, he has not only the time of day, but a willingness to listen. These are people worthy of protecting and helping. So, when Adam learned that the engineer he had been working with wanted to escape, Adam lent a hand. JC is not entirely sure what Adam did to help and, whenever it comes up, the coder just smiles back at him.

Adam, for his part, chose to remain at the facility, arguing that they had better software for his personal projects, and that the next test subject was unlikely to be anyone of consequence. If they were, he’d just make sure they flitted through the program, never to be seen by their mysterious overseers again. It’s a living, working for the devil you know.

Adam Sampson

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