Slipshod Paradise

Cleaning the Streets, Pt 2

Or, How to Break a Mage Free from a Clinic

With Sanura captured, the team makes preparations for her release, by stealth, if possible, by force if necessary.

Using his sprites, March is able to provide a floor-plan of the Gethsemane Clinic and subsequently hack into their administrative node.

While her compatriots are making efforts for a daring rescue, Sanura, with matrix support from Talbot, summons a Spirit of Man to free her, then a Spirit of Air to sustain an improved invisibility spell on Talbot. Sanura follows up with a second improved invisibility spell on herself. At Talbot’s direction, Sanura breaks into Dr. Thanatos’ office to recover their gear and clothing, which has the unfortunate side effect of alerting Dr. Thanatos.

While March and Talbot lock up the Clinic’s doors, Big Mike and a few guards exit out the front door, where Donavan, Kiku, and Johnny Moss have set up a kill-zone protected by an illusion. Donavan convinces Big Mike to stay inside with a LAW rocket and Kiku starts picking off support personnel. All this is going on while Sanura and Talbot make their escape, only to be confronted by a fire spirit which casually tears into Kiku, then Talbot. The commotion raised by this fight compels March to clean up the area, first with the on-sight Clean-Bot 3000’s, then with an army commandeered from a local Molly Maid service. In an effort to save Talbot, March hacks into a Horizon med-evac unit nearby, discovering in the process that both med-techs are dead.

During the cleanup before fleeing, the party locates people who are having organs harvested and a man who has organs from numerous incompatible donors.

Before the police can arrive, the team makes their escape, heading back to Dr. House’s for payment and to patch up Kiku, Talbot and Sanura. The organlegger ring is effectively out of commission, and the party paid their promised 10k¥ while the doctor is patching up Talbot’s face with Johnny’s help.

Though her uncle has dealt with the obvious fallout, at both Akimoto’s and Detective Patrick’s recommendation, the party decides to leave town for a little while. To this end, they accept a job offered by an associate of Akimoto’s which will have them travelling to the northern end of Virginia to assist some smugglers with a go-ganger problem. Pay’s a comfortable 50k¥, with a 10% cut to Akimoto. And twenty percent up front, to help cover expenses sure sweetens the pot.

Run Haul

  • 10k ¥ for completing the mission
  • 10k ¥ Up-front on the next job
  • 10 units of pharmaceuticals (count each as enough supplies to restock a med-kit)
  • 2 vials experimental “Organ Rejection Treatment 9”
  • 1 damaged Armor Jacket
    • Nonconductive 3
  • 2 damaged Armor Vests
  • Sandler TMP (Arsenal, pg. 24)
    • 3 full clips, regular ammo
  • 2 Ares Predtor IV
    • 6 full clips, regular ammo

Karma / Reputaiton

Runner Karma Street Cred Notoriety Public Awareness
Donavan +10 +1 +0 +0
Kiku +10 +1 +1 +1
March +9 +0 +0 +0
Sanura +10 +1 +0 +0
Moss +10 +1 +1 +0


+1 King-Tens Faction – Fighting fair & reasonably.
-1 Royal Health Society – Failure to decapitate Bog Mike, non-payment for advice offered.

Enemies Established

  • Dr. Thanatos
  • Big Mike
  • Slim Shady


No Favors Earned or Owed.


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