Slipshod Paradise


Who wants some Ebola+?

Team is hired by Seelie Flynn to enact vengeance against a group of ex-marine-cum-gun-runners who stole a crate of mortar shells from her. While a bonus will be paid for recovering the mortar shells, she mostly wants their hide-out in the Great Dismal Swamp destroyed.

While investigating the site, JC loses a drone and the team discovers that the gun runners are trying to sell a container filled with Ebola+ to one Diana Sturkov. With most of the team favoring burning the place to the ground, JC attempts to sneak in and recover the Ebola+. In the ensuing fire-fight, most of the team is nearly wiped out, but March and JC manage to recover the Ebola+ and get their teammates to Street Docs, regardless.


chaemera chaemera

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