Slipshod Paradise

Horizon's Child, Part 2

Where'd Sanura Go?

Takes place the day after Horizon’s Child Part 1.

The team investigates the Dark Angel’s bunker in Yorktown, trapping Ereli in the shower with a March-induced power outage. From there, they track them back to somewhere in the Jame’s River.

Exploration leads the team to the CSS Gerald R Ford. During their search of the ship, the team inadvertently awakens the nascent AI in the ship’s Total Ship’s System. In the forward berthing area, the team finds their targets and ambushes them before they have an opportunity to negotiate.

In short order, Sanura is shot out of the side of the ship, two of the Dark Angels are dead, and Marie is secure.

With JC saved from impending combat with the Total Ship’s System, and the Ship’s Test Sequence resulting in explosions of the forward capacitive banks, the team returns to shore with Cherub, the Dark Angel’s hacker, in custody.


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