Slipshod Paradise

Horizon's Child, Part 1

That elevator was coming right at me!


Norfolk, Ghent, Botetourt Gardens

As Sanura begins her day with a light breakfast and hot shower, she’s interrupted by the insessent buzzing of her commlink. When she’s got the time to answer, it proves to be Talbot. Dashing any hopes of a hookup, he asks her to meet him at Lynnhaven to discuss some business. Irked, but curious, Sanura gathers up her allies and heads to Virginia Beach.

Portsmouth, Charon Towers, Tenth Floor

Yuri’s morning starts out a fair bit differently from Sanura’s. After some light wrestling with Borris, he sets about inspecting his guns while breakfast is compiled. As he contemplates his lack of escape routes, the door buzzer gives hisses for his attention.

When he answers, Yuri is put off by the realization that Seelie Flynn, the woman who had earlier sent men to try and kidnap some of his recent acquaintances, would like a few minutes of his time. Yuri invites her up to his floor, careful not to extend the offer to his apartment, then makes sure his shotgun is loaded next to his easy chair. The conversation is breif and tense, Seelie simply informs him that his friend’s job with Brennan has been de-funded and that they should talk to her about alternative options. She brushes off the assault on the team as a “misunderstanding”, and makes it clear when she leaves that it’s rude to carry on a conversation through a door. Before Yuri gets in touch with March, Yuri pays a visit to Lee Chin, the building manager, about a replacement door.

Virginia Beach, Lynnhaven, Food Court

As the team approaches, it is plain that something has Talbot on edge. Not only has the spider barely touched his soy-McNuggets, his greeting for Sanura is tepid, his eyes scanning the room. A little pushing, and just learning about the job, explain his behavior. A fifteen year old orphan, Marie Bissette, has been kidnapped from her Horizon-provided condominium in Virginia Beach. Rabican has personally taken an interest in her recovery. The team is being offered 50,000¥. false identities, and medical coverage for the run. Material support may also be available on an as-required basis.

Given the moral offensiveness of the crime, and their desire to have Rabican “owe” them, the team accepts without amending the deal. While obtaining their fake SINs1, the team performs some basic research, locating Marie’s P2.0 account. From this they discover her surprisingly detailed familiarity with French history, her goth/punk style, and participation in the collegiate party scene.

During this process, Yuri contacts March about his meeting with Seelie, breifing his fellow Russian on the complications Seelie brings to the team’s living situation. With JC about to head off on some lone-cowboy mission, March invites Yuri to join their investigation. With nothing else to do, Yuri sees little reason not to lend his help in exchange for a fair share of the money.

Virginia Beach, Secundi Acres

Secundi Acres stretches across twelve city blocks, off Mediterranean Avenue, between Lake Holly and Lake Rudee. Each block features a 15-story “C” shaped building centered on an open garden. Marie’s building is cordoned off with security tape & large guards. With a scan of the team’s P2.0 accounts, the team is welcomed with the typical small-talk. From the guards, the team learns that the cameras cut out at five that morning and, within an hour, Rabican and Talbot were clearing the building and posting watches.

More to Come. So Sue Me.


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